MLA Style for Poetry

When you're writing a paper on a poem, you need to support your paper with numerous quotations from the poem you're work with. When you do so, use MLA style do document your source:


At the end of the paper, a list of Works Cited should indicate every source from which you have quoted. This includes the source from which you quote the literature you are writing on. Although the Works Cited page should technically be its own separate page, I will allow you to put your list on the bottom of the last page of your essay. The format of a Works Cited entry will vary depending on your source, whether or not the work has an anonymous author, etc. To find the correct format, please consult a writing handbook (you probably used one for English 101).

Note: This is a brief summary of MLA documentation designed specifically for this assignment. I've omitted a few rules you won't need to worry about. See Diana Hacker's Research and Documentation Online for more information.