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Majors and Minors: Departmental Offerings

Departmental Offerings

Download a PDF of our departmental offerings (44 KB).

Introductory Writing

100: Enhanced Written Rhetoric I

101: Written Rhetoric
102: Enhanced Written Rhetoric II
Global Literature
200: Literature in a Global Context 300: Advanced Global Literature
202: Russian Literature  
British Literature
212: Survey of British Literature I 310: British Literature of the Middle Ages
213: Survey of British Literature II 311: British Literature of the Sixteenth Century
214: Survey of British Literature III 312: British Literature of the Seventeenth Century
  313: British Literature of the Eighteenth Century
  314: British Literature of the Early Nineteenth Century
  315: British Literature of the Middle and Later 19th Century
  316: British Modernism
  317: Contemporary British and Commonwealth Literature
American Literature
220: Survey of American Literature I 320: Literature of the United States I: Settlement to Civil War
221: Survey of American Literature II 321: Literature of the United States II: Civil War to the Great Depression
225: African-American Literature 322: Literature of the United States III: World War II to the Present
226: Ethnicity and American Literature  
Genre, Major Authors, and Critical Approaches to Literature
230: Understanding Literature 330: Hermeneutics and the Study of Literature
234: Gender and Literature 332: The Novel
238: Film as Narrative Art (cross-listed CAS 296) 333: Poetry
  334: Drama
  335: Other Genres
  337: Major Authors (Chaucer/Milton)
  338: Shakespeare
Children's and Adolescent Literature
  340: Children's Literaure
  341: Adolescent Literature
  350: Teaching of Writing
  351: Language, Grammar, and Writing for the Elementary Classroom
  352: Teaching of Literature
  359: Seminar in Principles of and Practices in Secondary Education
Intermediate and Advanced Writing
260: The Craft of Writing 360: Creative Non-fiction
261: Academic and Professional Writing 362: Creative Writing (Fiction/Poetry)
262: Business Writing  
264: Basic Journalism  
265: Writing for the Media (cross-listed CAS 238)  
266: Feature Journalism  
  370: Linguistics
  371: History of the English Language
  372: Sociolinguistics
  373: Stylisitcs and Discourse Analysis
  374: English Grammar
  375: Grammar for Teachers of ESL
  380: Internship
Integrative Studies, Independent and Special Topics
  390: Independent Study
295: Introduction to Studies in English 395: Senior Seminar
299: Special Topics 399: Honors Thesis

Career options

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