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English Grammar at Calvin College

Majors and Minors


The English department is excited to unveil its updated curriculum, effective Fall 2011. This revision includes the introduction of three new majors and a newly renumbered curriculum. To help you find your way through these changes, we have a number of handouts to help:

We now offer: Literature major/minor, Writing major/minor, Linguistics major/minor, Teaching majors, Journalism minor, and ESL minors.


If you entered Calvin prior to 2011-2012, you may choose to remain under the catalog under which you entered. And here's how to navigate.

If you switch from your calendar year, you will need to submit a declaration of major form and indicate the year.


Other Opportunities

Get an internship by enrolling in English 380: Internships.

Getting internship experience

Enroll in English 380 and work with a professor to find an internship at a local publication, marketing/communications firm or one of the many Grand Rapids publishing houses.

Find an independent internship through Career Development, or apply for a writing-related internship at a non-profit organization through the Comenius Scholars program.

Graduating with honors

If you plan to graduate with honors in English, you must:

  • Complete a minimum of six courses for honors credit, at least three of which must be in the English department (not including honors English 101).
  • Take at least two of your courses taken for honors must be from outside the English department. Honors English 101 may count as your sixth honors course.
  • Complete English 399: Honors Thesis as one of your three honors courses in English. Learn more about the honors project.
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher, both within the major and overall.
  • Receive a grade of B+ or higher on your honors thesis.


Careers in English

careers in EnglishDo English majors get jobs after graduation? Calvin English majors have gone on to become editors, journalists, ministers, businesspeople and more. Find out what you can do with your education in the English department at Calvin.