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Summer Program in Germany


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This exciting Engineering Department Program provides you with an opportunity to study in Berlin, Germany for six weeks during the summer. The main purpose for this program is to help students prepare to participate in the global economy. This is best done by having students learn a foreign language and immersing them in a technologically intense environment where they experience the customs and culture of another country on a first hand basis.

Preference for this program is given to Calvin College engineering students who have taken German 101, Physics 133, and Math 162 and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Students should review the standard outline of classes of the first and second year classes of the Engineering program. The optimal time to go on the Summer Program in Germany is either the summer between your first and second year or between your second and third year in the engineering program. If spots are limited preference would be given to students between their second and third year.

Guests students from other colleges or universities who are interested in this program will need to verify that the credits can transfer back to their home college or university. Guest students will also need to be admitted by the Calvin College Admissions Office and contact either Professor Ned Nielsen or Prof. Leonard De Rooy and request special permission to participate in the program.

Applications for the summer of 2014 are now being destributed and collected Prof. Nielsen. Students should be on an e-mail distribution list. Application Deadline is Oct. 18, 2013. Registering for German 101 in the Spring semester does NOT automatically get you in the program. Students MUST attend an information session about the program in October of every year and MUST fill out an application to go on the program.

The cost is estimated to be $6,000 but is dependant on the US dollar exchange rate to the euro. The $6,000 includes:

  • Tuition for 2 classes --Calvin's ENGR 202 and transfer credit for TU of Berlin's German Language and Culture (3 sem. hrs. this can meet the Language requirement for Engineering majors only--talk to your advisor)
  • Participating in this program fulfulls Calvin's CCE core requirement.
  • Travel to and from Germany with the group
  • Housing while in Berlin and on tours and other TU Berlin fees
  • Rail pass and Berlin Transit pass for traveling with the group
  • Per dium meal allowance to cover all food with the group
  • All entrance fees and group dinners
  • Calvin Supplemental Medical Insurance
  • Calvin Off-Campus Programs fee

Items NOT covered by the $6,000 fee:

  • Housing in Grand Rapids prior to July departure. Some students make arrangements to stay on campus at the Knollcrest East Apartments or stay with friends or family in Grand Rapids. Students who wish to stay at Knollcrest East must fill out an application for housing at the same time that they apply to the program. If you stay on campus your Misc. Account will be charged $60 for the lodging.
  • Food prior to July departure.
  • Souvenirs and personal snacks if desired above the per dium allowed for food.
  • Fees associated with alternate flights. If you alter flights to meet the group in Germany or arrange a different departure flight you will have to pay for the additional airline expenses. If a student opts for alternate flight arrangements he/she is solely responsible for the expense of a cab or public transportation to meet up with the group at TU Berlin once your plane arrives. If you fly seperate from the group, Calvin is not responsible in any way for your transportation to and from airports or to the University in Berlin.
  • Travel from Calvin to GR Airport for July 19 departure is TBD. Some years we are able to include it and arrange a van to get everyone to the airport. However, students should be prepared for transportation to the airport and for themselves and their luggage on July 19.

Intinerary for 2014

  • Course begins meeting at Calvin on July 14, 2014
  • Leave for Germany on July 19, 2014
  • Tentative return to Grand Rapids on August 30, 2014



If you have more questions, please contact Professor Ned Nielsen or Prof. Leonard De Rooy. They would be happy to answer your questions.