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Scholarships and Grants

Financial Aid at Calvin

Calvin College is pleased to offer scholarships as one way to recognize and encourage academic excellence. General scholarship information for incoming and current students can be found on the scholarships and financial aid website.

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Did you know that you can search for the scholarship that are just right for you? Narrow categories by listing your GPA, class level, or the type of aid you are interested in.

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New Students

New students are automatically considered for academic scholarships based on a careful review of their application materials. Award notices are sent to selected students shortly after they are admitted to Calvin.

Current Students

During 2013-2014, $188,950 in scholarships benefitted 96 Education students! If you are eligible, be sure to apply.

Because many of the scholarships require some financial need it is important that you explain your financial situation in the application, especially if you did not submit a FAFSA or Calvin's Financial Aid office determined that you did not have any need after receiving academic scholarships this current year. Contact Debbie Abbott, or 526-6105 if you have questions.

In order to be considered for Education Department scholarships, you must:

1. Have completed EDUC 202 or currently in the class and applied to the Teacher Education Program.

2. Have a junior or senior standing as of September of the scholarship year. (Note that some scholarships may allow for Post-BA applicants).

3. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75. Anything less will prevent you from being a serious contender. Please also note that most scholarships require a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

4. Two recommendations from Calvin professors, one from an Education professor, if possible.  This is part of the application process. Please don't wait until the last minute to ask professors to complete these for you!

5. Meet the March 1 deadline for submission of application form.

6. If you are only here for one semester you are still eligible for a half scholarship. The application will ask you your full time status for each semester.

Scholarship descriptions:
A list and descriptions of possible Education Named Scholarships can be found at:
 Applications and recommendations: 
 Use this Calvin Web link:
Go to the Calvin Portal> Services>Scholarships and Financial Aid> Apply for Aid> Upperclass Named Scholarship Application.

You do not have to apply for specific scholarships. The information you submit will automatically make you eligible for certain scholarships.  Please read the application instructions carefully. 

Application deadline: March 1 by 5:00 p.m

For questions concerning the application process, contact the Education Department: Debbie Abbott, .


The TEACH Grant is a federal program that provides grants to students who plan to teach full time in high-need subject areas at schools serving students from low-income families.