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Calvin students in downtown Grand Rapids

Equipping students for effective lay and professional ministry

You may be called to full-time ministry in the church. Or you may not.
Whether you're called to be a pastor, an organic farmer, a sociologist, a teacher—or just about anything—you're an essential part of the life and work of God's church.

The congregational and ministry studies department aims to provide opportunities for classroom learning, research and apprenticeships to help students critically examine how every other major and program in the college contributes to the life of the church and its ministries. Along with other contributions in culture and society more broadly, academic preparation for knowledgeable contributions to the church is crucial. The academic study of lay ministry is grounded in the Reformed tradition’s emphasis on the role of all people in ministry and in the emerging vitality of ministry studies as an academic field.

Consider a Ministry Leadership minor to explore how your calling intersects with the work of the church in service of God's kingdom.


Dr. Paul Lim, Associate Professor of the History of Christianity and Religious Studies at the Divinity School of Vanderbilt University will be on campus Oct.16 and 17 to present two lectures sponsored by the Korean Lectureship Series, the Asian Studies Program, Calvin Theological Seminary, the Nagel Institute, the CMS department and others. Please join us for the presentations and refreshments.

Thursday, October 16 @ 3:30pm Meeter Center Lecture Hall "Whose Mystery, Which Way to the Trinity? Politics and Polemics of Biblicism in 17th-Century England"

Friday, October 17 @ 3:30PM Meeter Center Lecture Hall "Two Rival Visions of Christian Activism toward Sex Trafficking in Contemporary Korean and Diaspora Christianity"

See these two scholarships for Ministry Leadership minors:

Harriet DeJong Memorial Scholarship
James and Carol Lont Scholarship for the Research, Study and Renewal of Distinctively Reformed Youth Development

Learn about the department from an interview with Professor Todd Cioffi.