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Seminar Schedule

Archive of past chemistry seminar speakers.



Fall 2010 Seminar Schedule


September 9 Dr. Mark Muyskens
Dr. Carolyn Anderson

Calvin College
Orientation Meeting
September 16 Dr. Ross Walker
"Probing enzyme reaction pathways with molecular dynamics simulations: Application to adenovirus proteases"
September 23 Dr. Richard Blair
Central Florida University
"Mechanocatalysis for the Realization of Chemicals from Biomass"
September 30 Dr. J. Paige Phillips
Southern Mississippi University
"Our Energy Future"
October 7 Dr. Shannon Stahl
University of Wisconsin-Madison
"How to Use Air as a Green Oxidant for Pharmaceutical Synthesis: Concepts and Applications"
October 14 Michael Harris
Enterprise Center, Calvin College
"The Enterprise Center at Calvin - Where Science Innovation Meets Commercialization"
October 21 Dr. Doug Vander Griend
Calvin College
"Equilibrium Studies of Self Assembly Events"
October 28
Dr. Laurie Butler
University of Chicago
"From Quantum Mechanics to Atmospheric Chemistry: Probing Radical Intermediates of Bimolecular Reactions"
November 4 Nari Ryu                         Brandon Burkhart
Calvin College Students
"The Synthesis of N-alkyl Pyridones" (Nari) and "Theoretical Study of Ligand Migration in Binuclear Transition Metal Complexes"
November 11 Dr. Sandy Rosenthal
Vanderbilt University
"Dynamics of the Serotonin Transporter Protein Revealed by Drug-conjugated Nanocrystals"
November 18 Dr. Tom Driver
University of Illinois - Chicago
"Transition Metal-Catalyzed Synthesis of N-Heterocycles from Azides"
November 25 Thanksgiving Break No Seminar
December 2 Lauren Manck
John Snider
Calvin College Students

"Nanomolecular Building Porjects with Spectrophoteometric Characterization" (Lauren) "Studying Resistance to Sunitinib in Renal Cell Carcinoma" (John)
December 9 Dr. Mary Wirth
Purdue University
"Silica colloidal crystals for protein separations"