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Academics: Honors Program

Honors program

The Department sponsors an honors program to supplement the formal course offerings in the department’s degree programs. This program increases both the breadth and depth of the student’s knowledge of modern chemistry, and leads to an honors degree in chemistry or biochemistry upon graduation. The program offers guided study in chemistry through tutorials, independent research, and special honors courses such as Chemistry 261H, and Chemistry 395H seminars.


The requirements for graduation with honors in chemistry or biochemistry are:

  1. Completion of a major in Chemistry or Biochemistry with at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average.
  2. Six honors courses (18 hours minimum) overall:
    • Three honors courses must be outside of the major
    • Only one course may be a cognate
    • The other three honors courses must be within the major and one must be a research course (see the following requirement)
    • Only one may be a 100 level course.
  3. Completion of at least 4 semester hours of research (Chem 395/397). The last must be an honors course, which requires a formal report (reviewed by a committee) and a presentation in the departmental seminar series.

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