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Galapagos Islands Interim

Student Involvement

Social Activities...the fun stuff!

PicnicWe have fun together as a department. Biology students and faculty enjoy hanging out together around the department, at planned events and during the summer.

Service Projects - Restoration

Geneva LanglandOur students have many opportunities to work on ecosystem restoration projects. Each semester you can be involved in rescuing native plants, planting rain gardens and eradicating invasive species. Contact Dave Warners for more information.

Student Employment

Seth KoetjeEach year the biology department employs 50 to 60 students in various positions. Paid work includes laboratory assistantships, research assistantships, biology Web writing, greenhouse and aquarium assisting and department hospitality work. Laboratory and research positions are particularly helpful for those with plans to go on to graduate school.

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Student Organizations

Pre-dental clubServe, learn and participate with other students and faculty in the Pre-Med Club, Pre-Dental Club, the Environmental Stewardship Coalition and the International Health and Development Club.

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Off-campus Programs

Galapagos IslandsAs a biology major at Calvin, you have the opportunity to take part in one of Calvin's semester-long off-campus programs or numerous off-campus interim (three-week) courses. With the biology department's close associations with national and local research and environmental studies organizations, you may be able to study off-campus in other programs as well.

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On-campus Jobs

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