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Faithfully DISCOVERING God's creation

Use Calvin's two ecosystem preserves as your hands-on biology classroom. Learn more

Faithfully STUDYING God's creation

Prepare for your career with undergraduate research, internships and challenging courses. Learn more

Faithfully CARING FOR God's creation

Work closely with biology professors to find solutions to pressing environmental issues. Learn more

Faithfully STUDYING God's creation

Study every inch of the living world through the lens of Christian faith. Learn more

Faithfully EXPLORING God's creation

Pack your bags to study biology in places like Ecuador, the Netherlands and Thailand. Learn more

Faithfully SERVING God's creation

Use state-of-the-art equipment to contribute findings to the body of scientific research. Learn more

Faithfully ENJOYING God's creation

Uncover a sense of wonder as you learn about all God's creatures. Learn more

Biology at Calvin


Learn about our innovative biology curriculum.

Explore biology's programs:
 • Majors in biology (B.A. or B.S.) and environmental science
• Two minors
• Nine pre-professional programs.

Learn science by doing science

Apply for Phage Hunters @ Calvin: advancing genomics, biomedical, and ecological sciences. Each fall 20 first year Calvin students apply and are accepted into a two-semester research based biology course sequence. Freshmen make real scientific discoveries by doing research on bacterial viruses, called phage.

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With 17 full-time faculty members teaching and conducting research, there are countless opportunities to get involved in biology research at Calvin.

Biology microscopeMany biology courses are lab-based, or you could assist a professor during the summer, or apply for a biology job during the year.

is biology for me?



Professor John Wertz (and four other researchers) has been awarded a National Science Foundatuion five year grant totaling $1,997,047 to identifying how the ecological and evolutionary interactions between host and symbiont shape holobiont biodiversity. Read more »

Read the latest news from the Biology Department. It's HOT out of the Autoclave!
Biology Newsletter

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Science Fridays

Join us for Fridays at Calvin with a special twist—a day of events designed for students considering a major in the health sciences. You'll meet Calvin students and faculty, sit in on classes in your area of interest and get to know others who are also serious about a career in the medical field.