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Academics: Chinese Major

Chinese language major

The Chinese language major is offered by the Hubers Asian studies program and consists of 12 courses.

Graduation requirements

To graduate with a Chinese major you must take a minimum of eight Chinese language courses and four culture courses, with at least one of the latter at the 300 level.

  • East Asia (History 245 or 246 or 346)
  • Chinese thought and culture (Philosophy 225)
  • World Religions (Religion 255 or 355)
  • one 300 level cultural elective (Art 241; Economics 237, when on Asia; Political Science 277; History 245, 246, 272, 346, 371; Religion 355)
  • eight Chinese language courses (101/102, 201/202, 301/302, 311/312)

Things to remember

  • Other courses must be approved by the Hubers Asian studies program and German and Asian languages department.

Off-campus programs

During Fall semester each year, Calvin offers its own full-time Chinese language and history program in Beijing, China at Capital Normal University. The program in Beijing is for students with or without prior knowledge of Chinese.