Rooks Van Dellen


Two wings with one common lobby. Rooks is a female hall; VanDellen is a male hall.



Named After:

Albertus Rooks (1869-1958):
Appointed first dean of Calvin College in 1919, a position which he held for 25 years.
Idzerd Van Dellen (1871-1965):
A minister in the Christian Reformed Church, he helped start a Tuberculosis hospital in Denver, Colorado. For 26 years he served as a spiritual advisor to patients in this hospital.

Claim To Fame:

This hall loves the color red and their hero Red Foley, a former country music star (an old tradition most people don't understand).

RVD Leadership

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Mailing Address:

[Student's Name]
[Rm.#] Rooks Hall
Grand Rapids MI 49546-4413

[Student's Name]
[Rm.#] VanDellen Hall
Grand Rapids MI 49546-4414