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EH&S: Open Flame Policy

Guidelines and request form for use of open flame devices on Calvin’s campus and Calvin’s public buildings.

Open Flames Policy (PDF)

Anyone who hopes to use candles, potpourri burners, torches, bonfires, oil lamps, incense, butane burners or any other flame producing device at Calvin must abide by the Open Flames policy.
The objective of this policy is to provide guidelines and procedures by which open flame devices may be used upon the Calvin College campus and Calvin’s public buildings (including spaces leased and used by Calvin). It is the intent of this policy to reduce potential hazards which may contribute to loss of property or life at Calvin College.

Use of Open Flame Request Form (PDF)
To be submitted to Heather Chapman in EH&S (Physical Plant) or Bill Corner in Campus Safety at least 7 days prior to the event.