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Research Initiative | 2006-2008

Science and the Spirit:
Pentecostal Perspectives on the
Science/Religion Dialogue


Our research initiative is a 3-year project that will fund original research in the field—indeed, we hope that it will launch a new era of Pentecostal engagement with the sciences. In particular, we hope to draw together a research team who will produce ground-breaking scholarship on two fronts: (1) advanced research that will be published in peer-reviewed journals, and (2) a chapter on Pentecostalism and science that will be incorporated into a textbook for use in science, religion and/or theology courses offered at colleges and universities affiliated with the Pentecostal movement worldwide. The research initiative seeks to address questions such as the following:

• How should Pentecostalism posture itself in relationship to the sciences?
• How does the scientific endeavor challenge Pentecostal perspectives and practices?
• Do Pentecostal perspectives and experiences contribute to the science-religion dialogue, and if so, how?
• What specific scientific disciplines can help us further understand Pentecostal experiences?
• How might Pentecostal perspectives illuminate specific interdisciplinary issues and debates in the natural and human sciences?


March 1, 2006 Deadline for submission of research proposals

April 1, 2006 Notification of awards

After June 1, 2006 Research stipends distributed

June 2007 Two-week research colloquium at Regent University School of Divinity

Fall 2007 Submission of research articles to peer-reviewed publications

March 2008 One-day textbook colloquium at the Society for Pentecostal Studies

June 1, 2008 Submission of textbook chapter

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