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Wireless Access at Calvin: Guest

Guest Wireless Setup

  1. In the list of available wireless networks, look for "Guest" and connect to it.
  2. Open an Internet browser (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc).
  3. The browser should redirect you to a Guest Registration page:Guest page screen shot
  4. On this page you need to confirm that you have read the Acceptable Use Policy, fill in some contact information, and choose between three methods of registration:
    1. Text message
    2. E-mail
    3. Calvin sponsor
  5. Follow the instructions on the page depending on which registration method you have chosen.

Note: Guest wireless registration is good for 7 days at a time. If you are on campus for an extended period, you may need to re-register.


Wireless Locations

Wireless is available at all locations listed in the table below. Please note that coverage is not campus-wide and connectivity is only guaranteed at the specific locations listed below.

Academic/Administrative Buildings
Chapel (CP) All, including outdoor plaza
Commons Annex (CA) Basement level - Commons Lecture Hall (CA014)
1st floor -lobby area
2nd floor - meeting rooms
Commons (CM) Johnny's Cafe
Dinning hall eating area
Covenant Fine Arts Center (CF) Auditoriums
Center Art Gallery
Recital Hall (CF107)
2nd floor classrooms
DeVos Communications Center (DC) 1st floor (200 level)
2nd floor (300 level)
DeVries Hall (DH) Basement level - WMRL
1st floor - all classroom/lab areas
2nd floor - all classroom/lab areas
3rd floor - all classroom/lab areas
Ecosystem Preserve Interpretive Center (EI) All
Engineering Building (EB) All
Hekman Library (HL) 1st floor - ITC
2nd floor - all
3rd floor - library area and Library Lobby (fireplace)
Meeter Center Lecture Hall (HL320)
4th floor - library area only (not Meeter Center)
Hiemenga Hall (HH) 3rd floor - classrooms
4th floor - classrooms
Hoogenboom Center (HC) Heath Services
Hoogenboom gym
Knollcrest Dining Hall (KD) Dining area only
Mail and Print Services (MP) All
North Hall (NH) All classrooms
Physical Plant (SR) Office areas
Prince Conference Center (PC) All
Raybrook Building (RB) Parts of 1st and 2nd floor
Science Building (SB) All classrooms and labs
Seminary (SM) Common areas
Spoelhof Center (SC) Basement level - lab theater and Gezon Auditorium
1st floor - atrium, coffee shop, classrooms
3rd floor - Broene Center, Student Life, President's Office area, Academic Services, classrooms
Spoelhof Fieldhouse (SF) Lobby
Surge Building (LN) All
Van Noord (VN) Van Noord Arena (arena and hospitality suite only)
Venema Aquatic Center (VA) Pool area
Youngsma Center (YC) All
On-Campus Residence
Residence Halls
All common areas (lobby, labs, living rooms)
Courtyard apartments
Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Kappa
All common areas (lobby, labs, living rooms)
Other apartments
PhiChi, ThetaEpsilon, RhoTao, ZetaLambda
All common areas (lobby, labs, living rooms)



  1. Verify that your computer or device is currently connected to the "Guest" network. Disconnect if from any other network such as CalvinStudents, CalvinWireless, or wireless_setup_instructions).
  2. Your wireless adapter must be set to automatically obtain an IP address and DNS address. If you have manually entered an IP address and/or DNS address you will need to change this setting.
  3. If you are connected to Guest but the registration web page is not loading, try a different web browser or clear your browser's cache and cookies.
  4. If you are connected to Guest but aren't able to use applications that require a wireless connection, open your web browser first and verify that you have registered for Guest access before attempting to use any other applications that require Internet access.