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Student Print Accounting FAQ

What is the printing quota?
In an effort to be good stewards of Calvin's technology resources, CIT has implemented a semester printing quota for all Calvin students. Each student is given a $30 printing quota for the Fall and Spring semesters. This is the equivalent of 500 black and white pages or any combination of charges. Each student will receive a $20 quota during the Summer semester and a $15 quota for Interim. See Printing Charges.

Will I get a refund if I don't use all my quota?
No. The quota is in place to control the costs of printing and encourage the stewardly use of Calvin's printing resources.

How does the print quota work?
Each semester you receive the corresponding quota limit (see above). Every time you print from a public computer lab or WebPrint printer, your printing will be be counted towards your quota. See Location of Printers

How are the printing quotas determined?
CIT studied student printing patterns to determine the quota. Quotas and rates will be reevaluated each semester. There is already a 10% (or 50 black and white sheets) allowance in your print quota in case a printer jams, misprints, extra pages, etc.

How much will I be charged for printing?
You will not be charged for printing unless you exceed the quota. Once you have exceeded the print quota, you will be charged for each page printed above and beyond your quota. These charges will be forwarded to the Financial Services department at the end of the semester. See Printing Charges.

What happens to the funds collected from students who exceeded their quota?
The purpose of Student Print Accounting is to encourage stewardly use of printing resources. It is our hope that very few funds will be collected and these charges are not meant to be punitive. Any funds collected from students exceeding their quota will be used for technology improvements across campus.

How will I be charged for over quota printing?
Any printing over your quota will be included on your Miscellaneous Charges Statement following the completion of the semester.

How can I check my Student Print Accounting balance?
You can check your balance online.

Will I be charged for printing if I am a student employee?
If you are student employee working for a campus department you will not be charged when printing work related material to a departmental printer. However, you should not send personal print jobs to your departmental printer. Print personal or school related items to the lab and WebPrint printers and work related items to your department's printer. If you print work related items to a lab or WebPrint printer, you will be charged against your quota so make sure all work related printing is done to the department's printer. Your supervisor can request printing access if you are not already able to print at work.

Will I get "credit" or a refund for printer misfeeds, low toner or other printing mishaps?
No. We have included an allowance for printing mishaps in the quota.

What if I have problems with printing or my print accounting?
If you have any questions or problems with printing or your print accounting please contact the HelpDesk at 526-8555 Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. If you are printing in the ITC and experience problems please report your problem immediately to one of the student assistants at the main desk. If you need to submit a valid refund request please use the web form.