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We maintain the security of Calvin-owned Windows and macOS computers by requiring and recommending software updates and patches. While some of these changes run without disrupting your work, others require installation and restarting your computer.
windows updates

macOS updates

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Windows Software Updates

Calvin-owned Windows computers use a program called Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to deliver software updates and packages. When SCCM pushes a system or software update or patch to your computer that needs action on your part you should see the Software Center dialog box.

Software Center

Here, you have the option to view the updates, apply them now, or to wait until after business hours. You can also delay and have SCCM remind you later and set whether or not your computer will restart automatically if the update requires it.

Install Applications and Configure your work schedule

You can access the SCCM configuration settings by opening Software Center from Start > All Programs > Microsoft System Center > Configuration Manager > Software Center


  • If a software title has been made available for your computer, you can install it by selecting the title from the Available Software tab and clicking Install
  • The Installation Status tab will show you the status of software to be installed on your computer
  • To view a list of software you have installed from SCCM, click the Installed Software tab. You may see specific software or updates listed here.
  • You can specify the Software Center configuation settings for your computer on the Options tab. Here, you can specify your work hours so SCCM will know to install updates outside of your typical work hours so as not to disrupt your work.

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macOS Software Updates

Calvin-owned macOS computers use a program called Absolute Manage to deliver software updates and packages. When a system or software update is pushed to your computer a window will open and you'll see a a list of the available packages. Anything with a check will be installed when you click OK.
New software is available

  1. To immediately install all packages, click OK.
    • Once you start an installation it cannot be paused and if a reboot is needed it will automatically happen once the installation is complete. If you are not prepared to allow the computer to reboot you should defer starting the installation until a later time.
  2. If you want to Defer a package, click on the Package and click on Defer Package. Deferring an installation allows you to select the date and time you want the package to install.
    • Most installations can be deferred for up to 14 days however we recommend you install as soon as possible.

      Defer Package

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