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About CIT: HDI's Customer Satisfaction Index

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Reviewing and improving how we serve our customers is an ongoing concern at the CIT HelpDesk. HDI, the world’s largest membership association for IT service and support professionals and the premier certification body for the industry, has offered the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) as a survey tool . This tool not only helps us at Calvin to monitor and measure our customer satisfaction, but it is aggregated with industry data that includes separate benchmarks for hundreds of Higher Education IT Support Services. We expect that it will help us discern how we can improve in serving the Calvin community.

The CIT HelpDesk has been members of HDI since 2001, and many members of the CIT Department have been trained and certified by HDI.

How does it work? A random sample of closed work orders will generate a survey. Only people who have contacted the HelpDesk for support will have the possibility of receiving a survey e-mail from HDI. The survey comes as an e-mail to you sent from “CSI Service on behalf of Calvin CIT HelpDesk” and with “How well did we serve you?” in the subject line. There will be a link in the e-mail that leads you to a survey that asks 5 basic questions (much like the surveys you have filled out from the closed ticket HEAT e-mails you get from us). All e-mail addresses and work order details are kept private in an encrypted form.

If you have further questions about this survey, please contact Bill Vriesema at the HelpDesk at

Thanks in advance for your participation!