Living Expectations

The on-campus living experience at Calvin College offers a unique and valuable opportunity for all residents to learn and grow within a Christian community of students from widely varying backgrounds, interests, and Christian traditions. The college desires that all residents live comfortably within this environment, able to integrate classroom learning with out-of-class experiences and challenged to grow in all aspects of life.

To accomplish our goals and better order our life together, we have established certain rules and expectations for living in community here at Calvin. These “rules” are meant to be guidelines for mature, responsible conduct, but in no way cover all the possible conflicts and questions that arise during a year. Some of the policies are designed to create norms of behavior within a large, diverse group of people, while others are meant to preserve the appearance and function of college-owned property. We expect that members of our community will strive both to live within these guidelines and to be obedient to the explicit teachings of God’s Word.

Students involved in infractions of KE and campus policies as outlined here and in the Student Conduct Code will have a hearing with the Area Coordinator or may be referred to the Dean of Residence Life. (See the Student Handbook for complete details on the Student Conduct Code including the appeals process.) Appropriate sanctions will be given to restore the individual to healthy membership in the community. These sanctions include restitution, community service hours, educational initiatives, probationary periods, and suspensions. Fines have less educational value, but are occasionally utilized as well. Unless otherwise noted, a $50 fine applies to all policies, and fines may be converted to community service hours.

Living Expectations for KE and Alliance

Community Areas

Fire Extinguishers and Alarms: Tampering with fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, or emergency procedure signs in or around KE is prohibited. Violators are subject to a $500 fine and possible suspension.

Furniture: Furniture in public lounges may not be moved from these areas.

Hallways: The hallways of KE must be kept clear and may not be used for storage. Items left in halls are subject to removal and a fine without notice by maintenance staff. In addition, biking, skating, roller-blading, and all other sports are not permitted in the apartment buildings.

Laundry Room: Only residents of the building are permitted to use laundry facilities for their personal laundry.  If found allowing off-campus students to use the laundry, you and the off-campus student will be fined.

Sidewalk Chalk: Announcements made with sidewalk chalk may not be written under overhangs, on bricks, or on any building.

Student Rooms

Student apartment and roommate assignments are made during the summer prior to each academic year or throughout the academic year. Students may change apartments or roommates only after proper authorization has been given by the Area Coordinator. Residents should always contact the Area Coordinator for housing assignment concerns.

Housekeeping functions are the responsibility of the student. Cleaning supplies are available from the laundry room in each building but remain the property of Calvin College and may not be taken from campus. Students are not permitted to paint any area of their rooms. Calvin reserves the right to require room and bathroom cleaning at any time for health and maintenance concerns.

Under the terms of the apartment agreement each resident is held responsible for his/her actions which may result in damage to buildings, grounds, or college-owned furnishings. Residents are also liable to a service charge for any unusual housekeeping service which they may incur.

The college and its staff reserve the right to make routine maintenance inspections or to enter a student’s apartment without prior notification and/or permission when there is reason to believe there is a violation of college, state, or federal regulations. The college staff may also enter rooms for maintenance purposes during vacation periods.

Aerials, Antennae, and Satellite dishes: are not permitted on the exterior of the building.

Alcohol, Non-alcoholic Beer, and Alcoholic Beverage Containers (empty or full, including those thought to be decorative): are not permitted in KE. See the complete alcohol policy in the Student Handbook for community standards and sanctions, or see the alcohol section under Student Behavior in this booklet.

Carpet: Students are responsible for all damage to room carpeting. No items (e.g. wires, extension cords, etc.) may be taped to the carpet.

Electrical Extension Cords: By order of the City of Grand Rapids Fire Hazard Inspector, no electrical extension cord shall be fastened or run through any doorway, partition wall, floor baseboard or casting, or run across any doorway or walking area, or placed under any rug.

Fire Extinguishers: are provided in each apartment kitchen and are checked monthly by K.E. staff.

Furniture/Room Accessories: Residents are responsible for the furniture provided by the college. Furniture may not be removed from apartments or disassembled. Waterbeds are not permitted in the rooms. Residents may not tamper with or remove room accessories (closet doors, draperies, doors, or any other items fastened with hardware) or disassemble furniture. Lofts are not permitted.

Pets: (except fish) are not permitted in KE. A per day fine will be levied for violations.

Posters and Room/Door Decorations: Inappropriate and/or offensive decorations, including any alcohol related posters or advertising, may not be displayed. The residence life staff reserves the right to require that decorations which it judges to be in conflict with the nature of Calvin College as a Christian academic community be removed. Students should exercise care in attaching any room decorations to the walls, using tacks or poster putty only (no duct tape or nails). Students are responsible for removing all residue when they check out. Any damage to the room will be assessed to the student responsible.

Windows/Screens: Screens are not to be removed from the windows and objects may not be thrown from open windows. Persons removing windows or screens are subject to a fine as well as repair charges.

Smoke Detectors: may not be removed or tampered with in any way. Students may not remove batteries. A fine will be levied for tampering with or relocating the smoke detector. The college maintenance staff will undertake periodic room checks to make certain that the units are operating properly. New batteries are available at the KE desk.

Window Area: Stereo speakers may not be placed in or directed out of windows. Discretion should be used with signs, cans, etc. Calvin reserves the right to require removal of any items from windows.

Loft Building: Lofts are not allowed in KE.

Student Behavior

Alcohol: As stated in the Student Conduct Code, use or possession of alcoholic beverages or of alcoholic beverage containers on campus is prohibited. Students present in a room where alcohol is present and/or being consumed will be in violation of this policy. Underaged possession or consumption and intoxication by any student are unacceptable behaviors for which the college has zero-tolerance. A student is subject to a fine of up to $100, educational and community service hours, disciplinary action, and parent/guardian notification (first offense) for such behavior, and his/her enrollment at Calvin College will be in jeopardy. The complete alcohol policy is found in the Calvin College Student Handbook.

Athletic Activities: Except for equipment provided in the recreation areas, athletic activities are not permitted inside the apartment buildings. In addition, skateboarding and rollerblading are allowed on campus paths, but campus architecture may not be used for stunts, and pedestrians have the right of way.

Computer Use: The Student Conduct Code clearly prohibits certain behaviors that may be enacted by means of computer technology, such as theft, copyright violations, profanity, harassment, or pornography. See the Student Handbook for complete details on these policies. Violating may result in loss of access to technology at Calvin.

Cooperation with Staff: The orderly operation of Knollcrest East requires the cooperation of all students. Non-compliance with the residence life staff in the fulfillment of their job responsibilities is a violation of the Student Conduct Code and cannot be tolerated.

Dining Halls: Food items and dishes may not be taken from the dining rooms. Students who behave inappropriately in the dining halls (i.e. fraudulent use of ID cards, theft, throwing food, etc.) will be referred to the residence life staff for disciplinary action.

Disturbances: Raids, pranks, disturbances (which include, but are not limited to shouting obscenities, profanities, running through another building, and destroying property), and “initiation” practices (such as sem-ponding, tubbing, etc.) are not permitted. Students involved in such activities, which are demeaning to an individual and break down Christian community, will be subject to a disciplinary action and/or a fine of $100.

Fireworks: The use or possession of fireworks, firearms, or explosives of any kind is prohibited. Violators are subject to a $100 fine.

Lamps: Floor and desk lamps are permitted but must be UL approved. The college reserves the right to remove them if they are deemed a fire hazard.

Language: Because the language we use can offend, hurt, or degrade individuals or God, students are asked to maintain high standards of communication. Profanity, obscenities, and hate speech are not appropriate in a Christian, academic community. Words which are abusive, insulting, intimidating, harrassing and/or which incite others to violence, hatred or discrimination, when directed at people or groups based on who they are (or who they’re perceived to be) will not be tolerated. Examples are slurs regarding nationality, religion, ethnicity, skin color, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or disability.

Students should use caution when applying terms that could be misconstrued as disrespectful to vulnerable groups. Phrases such as “that is so gay” or “that is retarded,” when used out of their proper contexts, can be hurtful to individuals (or to those who know individuals) in such criteria.

Noise: Respect and consideration for other residents in the community necessitates that excessive noise will not be tolerated. The use of electric guitars and drums is prohibited. Excessive noise caused by sub-woofers or other equipment could result in the removal of the equipment. Be considerate of noise outside on courts and plaza, especially after 10:00 p.m. Courts and ice-rink close at 10:00 p.m. daily.

Pornography: Involvement with pornography can be addictive and damaging to relationships— with others and with God. Pornography in all its forms (video, internet, print, etc.) is prohibited. Resources for help are available anonymously from the Broene Counseling Center.

Sexual Misconduct: Calvin College holds that premarital intercourse is in conflict with Biblical teaching, and that conduct promoting such intimacy (i.e. nudity, partial undress, lying or sleeping in bed together) is unacceptable. Persons engaging in such conduct face disciplinary action including parent/guardian notification, or suspension.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the apartment or on the balcony. A student may smoke only in designated areas. Littering of cigarette butts is inappropriate and unsightly, and will not be tolerated.

Soliciting: Soliciting, peddling, vending of all types, and distribution of literature are prohibited in Knollcrest East unless permission is obtained from the Dean of Residence Life.

Sunday Observance: Calvin students are expected to observe Sunday by keeping the spirit and purpose of the day. Woodlawn Christian Reformed Church services and an evening Calvin College worship service are held in the campus chapel each week. A number of local churches also provide transportation to their worship services. Calvin College’s statement on Sunday observance can be found in the Student Handbook.

Theft: While theft can take many forms (“borrowing” furniture, stealing others’ laundry, taking an item which belongs to the college or dining hall, etc.) it will not be tolerated and could result in a fine (up to $50), restitution other disciplinary action, or suspension.

Unprescribed Drugs and Paraphernalia: As stated in the Student Conduct Code, the possession, use, or distribution of all unprescribed chemical or biological substances that alter the physical, emotional, or mental state of a person and the paraphernalia associated with these substances (e.g. water pipes, hookahs, etc.) is prohibited on campus. Violators may be suspended, as Calvin has “zero-tolerance” for drugs.

Water Fights: Water fights are not permitted inside the apartment. Water is not to be transported inside the building or thrown from the balconies or out of windows.

Weapons: No weapons of any kind are allowed on campus, except as authorized by the Board of Trustees. Weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms, ammunition, explosives, switchblades, paint-ball guns, “Air-soft” guns, potato launchers, bows and arrows, slingshots and similar devices. Exceptions for Campus Safety supervisors are governed by the college’s Use of Force Policy.

Visitation Policies and Procedures for Knollcrest East

Knollcrest East apartments have a 24-hour Visitation policy for living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. Visitation in bedrooms is restricted and cohabitation is not permitted:

Bedrooms: Visitation in bedrooms is limited to 10 a.m. until Midnight on weekdays and 1:00 am on Friday and Saturday, providing privacy for roommates and out of respect for the sexual mores which flow from our Christian commitment.

Cohabitation: Cohabitation includes inappropriate sexual behavior at any time, in any part of the apartment, but also includes “sleeping over” by members of the opposite gender. Again, this policy attempts to take seriously our commitment to a Christian view of relationships and sexuality.

Since this policy gives increased freedom to students, it assumes increased responsibility and personal accountability on everyone’s part. Students who disregard or abuse this freedom will face possible loss of visitation privileges and/or other disciplinary action.