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Microfilming records of local congregations

In 1962 the Historical Committee of the Christian Reformed Church was instructed by Synod to  collect the records of local, active congregations and microfilm their minutes (council, elders, deacons, the executive committee and the congregation), returning the originals to the congregation, so that a back-up set of records was available to local congregations should anything happen to their original set. The microfilm is stored in our vault, and the originals are returned to the congregation sending them. To protect the privacy of individuals about whom information may be contained in certain records while also dealing with requests for conducting historical research, Synod authorized that, without exception, only agency heads, or those authorized by agency heads in writing, be granted access to  confidential records. 

Written or phone communications about this program may be directed to Dr. Richard Harms, curator of the archives, Dr. Robert Bolt, the field agent of the Historical Committee, or Hendrina Van Spronsen, one of the Archives staff.

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Records management for congregations

Synod 2008 instructed the staff of the archives to prepare a listing of all records that a local congregation may generate along with recommendations on how long, and where such records should be kept. This document (PDF format) can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Keeping Congregational Records


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Minutes of the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church, 1857-1880

Anniversary, birthday, wedding, and obituary announcements index to Banner entries

A card file of death, birthday, and wedding anniversary notices published in The Banner and De Wachter, from the 1870s through 1999, alphabetically arranged by surname, is located in the reading room. In addition hard copies of the entire run of each periodical are available in the reading room.

Digital membership records from closed churches

Drenthe (Michigan) Presbyterian Church family records, 1852-1883. The remaining members of this congregation joined the Drenthe Christian Reformed Church.

Maxwell, New Mexico Christian Reformed Church family information. The congregation existed 1893-1908, and supported the Bethesda Sanatorium (tuberculosis hospital) located in the community.

Perch Lake, Michigan (near LeRoy) Christian Reformed Church family information. The congregation existed 1896-1899.

Rilland, Colorado (near Alamosa) Christian Reformed Church membership information. The congregation existed 20 January 1893 - 11 December 1893.

South Holland (Michigan) Presbyterian Church family records. The congregation existed, 1849-1867 and had a building near the intersection of 32nd Street and Washington Street in Holland, Michigan.

Vriesland (Michigan) Christian Reformed Church membership records, 1857-1893. The congregation disbanded.

Young Calvinist Obituaries

Gold Star (military) deaths of members of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, 1941-1973 collected by the Young Calvinist magazine. (List is not complete.)

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