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Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty
Focuses on religious liberty, economic freedom, and personal moral responsibility. Information is available on seminars, research, and publications produced by the Institute. Established in 1990.
The Alban Institute
Examines the work of congregations and church leaders in their communities and aids in developing new strategies through its research. Information is provided about seminars and research of the Institute. Established in 1974.
American Religion Data Archive
Collection of over 170 quantitative data sets dealing with religious studies. Provides free access to these data sets to all interested users, as well as links to many other social science data sets on the Web. Supported by the Lilly Endowment.
Center for Public Justice
Aims to shape public policy in ways that promote social justice. Major resource for Charitable Choice information. Also offers regular commentaries on current affairs and policies in the news, as well as a wide variety of publications.
Center for Religion and Civic Culture--U. of Southern California
Studies the civic role of religion and aids faith-based organizations in providing social services. Information provided on current research, availability of funds, publications, and upcoming events. Founded in 1996.
Center for the Study of Religion--Princeton U.
Promotes scholarly research, teaching, and public discussion of religion through the humanities and social sciences. Provides information on past and present research projects, as well as future opportunities and events. Formed in 1991.
Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture
Aims at promoting understanding of the relation between religion and other aspects of American culture. Information offered on conferences, publications, research projects, and fellowships. Established in 1989.
Center for the Study of Religion & Society--Creighton U.
Encourages scholarly activities such as research, seminars, conferences,and publication. Works to promote diversity and interdisciplinary study with regard to religion for comparative purposes. Established in 1988.
Center on Religion and Democracy--U. of Virginia
Research focuses on how religion impacts the regeneration of democracy and civic life. Site offers information on past and current survey research being undertaken by the Center, as well as publications and grant information.
J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies--Baylor U.
Research focuses on church-state issues and religious freedom world-wide. Institute publications and academic program information available online. Established in 1957.
Discovery Institute
Focuses on ideas of representative government, the free market, and individual liberty. Current studies include religion in public life, as well as issues of science, technology, defense, the environment, the economy, the future of democratic institutions, and foreign affairs.
Evangelicals for Social Action
Challenges and equips the church to be agents of God's redemption and transformation in the world. Programs and resources provide biblical reflection, issue analysis, training, and networking to support faith-based holistic engagement with society.
Hartford Institute for Religion Research - Hartford Seminary
Provides sociology of religion resources and religious research findings. Included are online articles, religious statistics, research resources, and links to the web pages and other scholarly work in the field.
Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research
Interdisciplinary research, study, and dialogue focuses on discerning the meaning of Christian identity and unity in a religiously and culturally diverse nation and world. Includes information on their resident scholars program and past research projects. Founded in 1967.
Institute for Philosophy and Religion--Boston U.
Information on lectures and publications about philosophy, religion, and theology produced by the Institute. Established in 1970.
Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals--Wheaton College
Research and study of the Evangelical Protestant tradition in the United States. Conference, publication, and grant information given. Founded in 1982.
Louisville Institute
Aims to enhance understanding of American religion and to encourage the vitality of American religious institutions through grantmaking and conferences. Established in 1990 by the Lilly Endowment.
National Humanities Center
Promotes scholarship and provides fellowships in all the humanities. Encourages study of historical, philosophical, moral, and religious insights to understand the world. Founded in 1976.
Program on Non-Profit Organizations--Yale Divinity School
Supports research on issues relevant to understanding and leading nonprofit organizations and understanding the contexts in which they function. Provides information on seminars, workshops, fellowships, and past and current research projects. Established in 1978.
Center for Christian Studies--Gordon College
Facilitates Christian scholarship that will gain a hearing in the larger academy and have an impact on the Christian Church and the broader culture. Emphasizes networking between Gordon faculty and other Christian scholars at Christian colleges and secular universities, disseminating results of Christian scholarship, and mentoring Christian students.

C.S. Lewis Society of Calfiornia
An educational and cultural organizaiton of people interested in events, publications, and other developments that advance deeper understanding of the life, works and ideas of C.S. Lewis and others who address the enduring philosophical, cultural, historical, literary, theological, social and economic issues of mankind.