Semester in DC 2003

Washington, DC sights and students

Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial.jpg
Lincoln Memorial at night
Abe at night.jpg
Lincoln memorial
Lincoln Memorial.jpg

another view of the shrine.jpg

capitol at night.jpg
the capitol at night
captiol at night 2.jpg
the capitol made out of chocolate
Chocolate Capitol.jpg
Washington, D.C. church
Church near Americans United.jpg
colorful Washington, D.C. neighborhoods
Colorful Neighborhood.jpg

dinner at cafe dalai.jpg
the Vietnam War memorial
Faces in the Wall.jpg
having dessert
getting some chocolate.jpg
the Vietnam War Memorial
glimpse in the wall.jpg
Calvin students with the surgeon general
group with the surgeon general.jpg

hanging around.jpg
Hillary talking.jpg
In class
In class 1.jpg
in class
In class 2.jpg
in class
In class 3.jpg
stained glass
Kennedy bust
Kennedy bust.jpg
Korean War memorial
korean war memorial wall.jpg
Library of Congress
Library of Congress.jpg

Maryland State House.jpg

neighborhood by the hill.jpg

shrine of the immaculate conception.jpg

snowy capitol.jpg

snowy national cathedral.jpg

supreme court.jpg

the class 2.jpg

the class.jpg

The Group Outside.jpg

The Group.jpg

The Porch.jpg

The Sanctuary.jpg

the soldiers.jpg

The Stevensons.jpg

The waterfront.jpg

Union Station.jpg

Vietnam soldiers.jpg

Vietnam Wall.jpg

view from the top.jpg

Washington Memorial through Lincoln's eyes.jpg

With Mrs Skillen.jpg