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Christianity is our passion at Calvin College. Our faith animates our scholarship, our worship, our athletics, our music, our lives! We invite you to join us in exploring this passion through worship, discipleship,
prayer, learning, service and the mutual caring that is part of this community.


Want to do something about the Ebola Crisis in West Africa? Yeah, so do we. That’s why we are working with a partner institution in Monrovia, Liberia. It’s called “Mother Patern’s College of Health Sciences.” Calvin’s Social Work program has been connected with Mother Patern’s since 2007, and we want to support them as they respond to the Ebola Crisis.

So we invite you to join us this Advent Season in supporting Mother Patern’s College as they fight Ebola in Liberia. We are people with deep hope this Advent – hope for the future and in the power of Jesus. In that day, there will be no more sin or death; in that day there will be no more Ebola to claim lives. We rejoice in that thought, yet we long for that day. Until that day, we stand with our brothers and sisters at Mother Patern’s to fight the evil of Ebola.

Mother Patern’s College is an established institution, and will be around long after the NGO’s and other short-term aid has left. We give thanks for their long-term work, and ask you to live out your hope for the future in making a difference now.


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Looking to integrate faith more into your life? Why not start right in your residence hall with someone who's eager to help?


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To inquire about reserving the Chapel for wedding ceremonies, please contact Darcy VerWys in the Event Services office. Her email is,
phone: 616-526-6278.