James K.A. Smith


PhD, Villanova University, 1999,
MPhil, Institute for Christian Studies, 1995
BS, Emmaus Bible College, 1993
Undergraduate Studies, University of Waterloo, 1992-1993


  • Fundamental Questions of Philosophy (153): syllabus(.pdf)
  • Philosophy of the Social Sciences (201)
  • Philosophical Anthropology (375)
  • Philosophy of Language and Interpretation (378): syllabus(.pdf)

in the Congegational and Ministry Studies department:

  • Church and Society (CMS 151)
  • Interpreting Church Practices (CMS 201)

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Hobbies and Interests

Travel with my wife and our four kids is my favorite pastime. We also enjoy gardening, cooking, wine (er, parents—not the kids), and a little camping. And I relish quiet evenings reading (and occasionally writing) poetry and fiction. We are also committed urban dwellers who love the rhythms and sounds of the core city.

Academic interests

Philosophical Theology, Continental Philosophy, Hermeneutics, Postmodernism, Saint Augustine, Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Courses taught


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Selected publications

Selected Books

The Fall of Interpretation: Philosophical Foundations for a Creational Hermeneutic
(2nd ed.) (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2012).

Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation, Cultural Liturgies, Volume 1 (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2009).

The Devil Reads Derrida: and Other Essays on the Church, the University, Politics, and the Arts (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2009).

After Modernity? Secularity, Globalization, and the Re-enchantment of the World, ed. James K.A. Smith (Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2008).

Hermeneutics at the Crossroads: Interpretation in Christian Perspective, eds. Kevin Vanhoozer, James K.A. Smith, and Bruce Ellis Benson, Indiana Series in Philosophy of Religion (Indiana University Press, 2006).

Jacques Derrida: Live Theory (London: Continuum, 2005).

Introducing Radical Orthodoxy: Mapping a Post-Secular Theology (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic Press, 2004). Spanish translation, forthcoming from Editorial Nuevo Inicio (Spain). Korean edition, forthcoming.

Recent Publications

"Reforming Public Theology: Two Kingdoms, or Two Cities?," Calvin Theological Journal 47 (2012): 122-137.

"Formation, Grace, and Pneumatology: Or, Where's the Spirit in Gregory's Augustine?," Journal of Religious Ethics 39 (2011): 556-569.

"Worldview, Sphere Sovereignty, and Desiring the Kingdom: A Guide for (Perplexed) Reformed Folk," Pro Rege 39.4 (June 2011): 15-24.

"The 'Ecclesial' Critique of Globalization: Rethinking the Questions," Faith and Economics 56 (Fall 2010): 5-20.

"Evaluating the Good: A Reply to Richardson" Faith and Economics 56 (Fall 2010): 47-52.

"Missing an Opportunity that Never Was? A Final Response to Richardson" Faith and Economics 56 (Fall 2010): 57-60.

"Naturalizing Glossolalia? Prospects for a More Radically Pentecostal Ontology," Journal of Pentecostal Theology 19 (2010): 28-33.

"The (Re)Turn to the Person in Contemporary Theory," Christian Scholars Review 40 (2010): 77-92.

"The Spirits of the Prophets are Subject to the Prophets':Global Pentecostalism and the Reenchantment of Critique," South Atlantic Quarterly 109.4 (2010): 677-693.

"Two Cheers for Worldview: A Response to Thiessen," Journal of Education and Christian Belief 14 (2010): 55-58.

"Continental Philosophy of Religion: Prescriptions for a Healthy Subdiscipline,” Faith and Philosophy 26 (2009): 440-448.


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