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Calvin Spring Classic: Spotlight

Pierre Camy

Moving forward

In January 2011, as Pierre Camy and his family vacationed to Puerto Rico, he fell victim to a home invasion. As Camy was fighting off one of four intruders, he was shot by another.

Camy was taken to a local hospital but needed more advanced care. Camy’s sister-in-law, who works for Hope Network, was able to arrange for an international medical transfer to a hospital in Miami, Florida.

Camy spent twelve days at the Miami hospital before returning to Grand Rapids, where he spent a month and a half at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital and learned how to adapt to life with a wheelchair.

Staying active

Before Camy’s injury, he was very active in sports, from rock climbing and tennis to running and biking. He is now staying active through the Mary Free Bed handcycling team, which cycles together recreationally and in races. Camy says the group consists of members from all over Michigan. When weather permits, Camy handcycles to train for upcoming events.

A first for the Spring Classic

This year, the Calvin 5k Spring Classic will welcome a handcycle division—the first in race history. Camy hopes that the addition of handcycling will inspire students in wheelchairs to get involved with sports. Camy says he is grateful to Calvin for making this addition to the Spring Classic and allowing other cyclists to participate.

Camy is the husband of Calvin College French professor Jolene Vos-Camy.

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