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(106) South Division
The Smooth and the Striated
Intro. and Intermediate Sculpture 2007

From October 26 - November 16, the Calvin College Art Department presents an exhibition of artwork at the (106) South Division Gallery from Assistant Professor of Art, Adam Wolpa's Introductory and Intermediate Sculpture class.

The artists are: Garland Mallory, Anna Harkema, Anne Fennema, Brent Klein-Horsman, Dave Mulder, Eric Heerspink, Jordan Kok, Miranda Brouwer, Michael Rodriguez, Nick Hoeksema, Ruth Ribeiro, Tahnee Ellens, Tracy Guajardo.

Friday, October 26 (open 6-9pm)

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Exhibition Statement
The work in this show collects to compose a field of objects for us to grasp and let slip away. Obvious relationships between these sculptures and our bodies are continually questioned as we experience the objects in a performative space. This show provokes passage fluidly between comprehension and mystery by means of physical experience.