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(106) Gallery and Studio: Exhibitions and Events


Mandy Cano Villalobos, Ann Chuchvara, Maureen Nollette, Tori Pelz, Miriam Wassenaar

July 10 - August 21, 2015

The Calvin College Department of Art & Art History is proud to present LOOSELY BOUND, an exhibition featuring the work of five female artists. This exhibition combines a variety of mediums, and each artist attempts to grasp the ephemeral through repetative and laborious processes.


Reception and Art Market - 6-9pm
Friday, August 7

Meet the artists and join us for the second art Market of the summer along the Avenue for the Arts. Refreshments served.


Top: Ann Chuchvara, Dormant, cut paper, wire, acrylic, 2015
Middle: Miriam Wassenaar, Sixteen Hours, paper, boxes, 2015
Bottom: Mandy Cano Villalobos, Sisyphus #1, pig blood on paper,2015

Statement:  Time passes. We try to make sense of the relentless advance of hours, laboring to mark our lives with meaning. We create myths, holidays and anniversaries to remind us of our own significance, or to affirm a calendric passage of time measurable by human standards. Loosely Bound reflects upon these efforts to grasp the ephemeral through labor-intensive work. Repetition and a minimal palette infer absence and the evasiveness of time itself, as though the works we see are only partially perceived. This vacuous quality is further evident in the artists’ use of fragile paper scraps, unraveled string, and cast shadows. Quiet but intentional, Loosely Bound engages the transience of our existence in ways both intimate and alien.

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Located at 106 South Division Avenue, this facility is operated by the Calvin College Department of Art and Art History and houses faculty studios and a gallery. Exhibitions embrace faculty, student and community artwork.

The 106 building also houses artist lofts and is part of the Avenue for the Arts project in downtown Grand Rapids, initiated by Dwelling Place
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