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Exhibitions and Events

Verti Call - an installation by Joyce Yu-Jean Lee

September 6 - October 15, 2016

Image credit: Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, artist sketch #1

"Verti Call" is a video and light installation by New York City-based artist, Joyce Yu-Jean Lee. Inspired by middle eastern prayer rugs and the discipline of meditation, the artist performed a 28-day drawing vigil during the mayhem of the U.S. presidential candidate nominations. The creative result is a silent installation featuring animated organic patterns projected onto the gallery floor, and a glowing light cube overhead in the skylight. This exhibition turns viewers up towards inward reflection and outward resolve.

Image credit: Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, artist sketch #2

Gallery Talk - with Joyce Lee

Thursday, October 6 - 6pm (Center Art Gallery)
Join Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, as she discusses the ideas behind this installation, how she forged connections to the prayer rug exhibition, and what her process and challenges were in bringing it to completion. Reception to follow in the West Lobby.


Pathways to the Divine - Prayer Rugs of the Middle East

September 6 - October 15, 2016

Created to provide worshippers a space of cleanliness and direction, prayer rugs have strong symbolic meaning and a long aesthetic, cultural and religious history. Drawn from the extensive rug collection of Jim and Marcia Verbrugge, this exhibition features 13 middle eastern prayer rugs from the early 19th to the early 20th century. The rugs include extensive imagery and designs intended to aid the worshipper, and represent several areas in Turkey, the Caucasus, Persia and Central Asia.

Image credit: Dated Karachoph prayer rug, West Caucasus, Armenia, 1878, Courtesy of Jim and Marcia Verbrugge

Lecture - "Islamic Art and Architecture" with Henry Luttikhuizen

Thursday, September 22 - 6pm (Center Art Gallery)
Join Henry Luttikhuizen, Professor of Art and Art History at Calvin College, as he introduces the audience to Islamic Art and Architecture, and helps draw connections within this tradition to prayer rug design and symbolism. Reception to follow in the West Lobby.

Image credit: Dated Shirvan prayer rug, East Caucasus, Azerbaijan, 1886, Courtesy of Jim and Marcia Verbrugge

Galley Tours - "A Collector's Tour" with Jim Verbrugge

Wednesday, September 21 - 12pm and 1pm (Center Art Gallery)
Saturday, September 24 - 10am and 11am (Center Art Gallery)
Join Jim Verbrugge as he walks visitors through the exhibition and gives insight into how he developed the collection. Learn stories about the background of the rugs and gain insight into the mind of a collector.