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Exhibitions and Events


Gallery 1
50/50 - 50 Alumni in 50 Years

September 8 - October 10, 2015

Image credit: Cheryl Wassenaar Savage, Class of 1993, lock, 2012, found commercial signage, vinyl

From September 8 - October 10, the Center Art Gallery at Calvin College presents 50/50 - 50 Alumni in 50 Years, hosted in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Department of Art and Art History at Calvin College. Included are a wide range of painting drawing, sculpture, video, printmaking and ceramics.

Artist include: Carl Huisman (1964), Helen Bonzelaar (1967), Mary Doezema (1968), David Lubbers (1969), Virginia Wierenga (1970), Frank Speyers (1971), Nella Homan (1972), Timothy Van Laar (1973), Robert Penning (1973), Jake Van Wyk (1973), John Bakker (1975), David Versluis (1976), William Chardon (1977), Kathy Hettinga (1978), Anna Greidanus (1978), Macyn Bolt (1979), Jil Evans (1980), Tim Lowly (1981), Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk (1983), Rick Beerhorst (1985), Ralph Randall Hall (1986), Deborah Ebbers (1987), Mark Ottens (1990), Matthew Plescher (1991), Conrad Bakker (1992), Cheryl Wassenaar (1993), Kelly Vanderbrug (1994), Scott Millen/Sara Penninga/Lynelle Regnerus/Cheryl Foster (1995), Jonathan Quist (1996), Wayne Adams (1996), Shawn Krueger (1997), Michael Markwick (1998), Kevin Huizenga (1999), Miriam Wassenaar (2002), Ryan Thompson (2003), Zac Wanner (2004), Kevin Buist (2006), Taylor Greenfield (2007), Eric Heerspink (2008), Sara Bakker (2008), Natalie Good (2009), Stephen Clark (2010), Michael Rodriquez (2010), Meredith Donnelly (2011), Tia Wierenga (2011), Bjorn Sparrman (2012), Stephanie Kang (2013), Anna Hanchett (2014) and Teunis Verwijs (2015).

50th Anniversary Weekend

October 1-3, 2015
In 2014-15, the Department of Art and Art History celebrates its 50th anniversary. The history of Calvin College is rich with art. Bringing to light the visual arts, their material importance for hearts, minds and spirits enriches the college experience for all. Over this year, we will shine a light up from the Spoelhof basement on the past, present and future of the Department of Art and Art History and the creativity that God has gifted us. Events can be found at the Calvin Art and Art History website.

Exhibition Reception

Saturday, October 3, - 1-3pm (Center Art Gallery)
Join us for the opening of the juried exhibition and the beginning of the CIVA biennial conference. Remarks by Kevin Buist at 4:30pm in the Center Art Gallery. Reception in the West Lobby.


Image credit: Conrad Bakker, Class of 1992, Untitled Project: Paperback [Capital Vol. I], oil on carved wood

Gallery 2
LIGHT - An Eternal Presence
The Donna Spaan Contemporary Collection of Art

September 8 - October 10, 2015


Image credit: Thierry Cohen, French (1963-) San Francisco 37 48 30, 2010, pigment print, 3/5

From September 8 - October 10, the Center Art Gallery at Calvin College presents LIGHT - An Eternal Presence: The Donna Spaan Contemporary Collection of Art. Initiated at Calvin College in 2013, this new art collection is exhibited for the first time. Designed as an educational tool, the work presents light as both a universal force, and as a revealer of particular: light that imprints darkness, references history, celebrates music and poetry, illuminates texts. Included are works by the following artists: Gerhard Richter, Hendrik Kerstens, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Sandra Bowden, Arne Svenson, G. Carol Bomer, Doug and Mike Starn, Thierry Cohen, Paul Winstanley, Erin Washington, Tanya Marcuse, Anne Francoise Couloumy, Didier Massard, Josh Garber, Chris Armstrong, and Jonathan Eiten.

Poetry Reading & Opening Lecture

Wednesday, September 16 - 6pm (Recital Hall)
The Center Art Gallery is pleased to present a poetry reading and opening lecture in conjunction with the opening of this exhibition. Lew Klaat (English) will be reading the newly commissioned poem "Say What You See in the Dark," and Craig Hanson (Art & Art History) will be giving the opening lecture "Collecting Light: Historical Context for the Donna Spaan Collection." Desserts and Refreshments to follow in the West Lobby.

Calvin News & Stories

Read the Calvin News & Stories (September 16, 2015) article about the exhibition and collection's creation: New Art Exhibition Brings Light Into the Gallery.


Image credit: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Japanese (1948-) Time Exposed #331: Tasman Sea, Ngarupupu, 1990, tri-toned off-set lithograph

Upcoming Exhibitions

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