Might You Be a Composer?

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A lot of people say that they have music running around inside their heads, even when their iPods are on the blink and they aren’t within earshot of a stereo system. Does this sort of thing ever happen to you? Now here’s the really big question: Are any of those tunes ones that you make up? If so, might you be a composer? This workshop is just they event for you.

Might YOU be a Composer?

Conducted by: David Fuentes
Professor of Composition and Theory at Calvin College

Saturday October 18, 2014
Covenant Fine Arts Center, room 224

A workshop for high school students curious about pursuing music composition as a serious hobby or vocation

means and methods

  • how composers compose 
  • inspiration vs. perspiration 
  • emerging technology

talent and teaching

  • what composers need to possess
  • what composers need to learn
  • what composers might expect at college
  • what young composers can do now

composition as a calling

  • scratching the itch
  • the composer’s audience
  • careers involving composition

After a free lunch, students will have an opportunity to present music they have written for comments. The workshop is free, but limited to 15 students. Find applications at www.calvin.edu/academic/music/division/thercomp.


For more information, contact David Fuentes: dfuentes@calvin.edu 616.526.6569 

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