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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Faculty involved in the planning of research that involves human subjects in any way, from interviews or questionnaires to medical procedures with living persons or bodily substances, must submit a research proposal to the IRB.

The board is mandated by governmental agencies to review and approve research with human subjects. The committee will review all proposals and place them in one of the following categories:

  1. exemption
  2. expedited
  3. full review

As a small board, we are committed to facilitate the advancement of your research program as quickly and easily as possible.

On a case specific basis, the IRB will determine when projects need to be reviewed more often than annually.

Each year, 5% of the proposals that were approved by the full IRB will be audited for verification that no material changes have taken place without notification.

All persons involved in a research project must complete the web-based training course, "Protecting Human Research Participants" at Completion takes approximately one hour. Print a certificate of completion.

Proposals will be reviewed at regularly scheduled meetings. Please allow for necessary lead time so a proposal can be approved prior to initiating the study. Requests for review can be sent to the IRB chairperson at any time. There may be a shortened time period for approval of exempt and/or expedited proposals.

Please note that several of the sample forms and letters on this site contain fictitious names and addresses, since they are meant only as samples. Remember to insert your own name where appropriate, and address your correspondence to the current IRB chair. The chair for the 2013-2014 academic year is Elizabeth Byma.

Please remember that all IRB-related correspondence should be directed to the current chair of the IRB, not the Office of the Provost or the Center for Social Research.