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Faculty Handbook

Handbook for Teaching Faculty

Download the Handbook for Teaching Faculty (rev. July 2015) as a bookmarked, searchable PDF. (If you have any difficulties using this PDF, please contact the Office of the Provost; we'll be happy to help.)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Organization

Chapter 2: Faculty Bylaws

Chapter 3: Faculty Personnel Policies

Chapter 4: Instructional and Related Policies

Chapter 5: Faculty Development

Chapter 6: Faculty Policies and Standards

Chapter 7: Faculty Compensation and Benefits

Appendix A: Organizational Charts

Appendix B: Parliamentary Procedure and Definitions

Appendix C: Preparing Reports for the Faculty Senate

Appendix D: Mandates and Compositions of Standing Committees of the Faculty

Appendix E: Miscellaneous Procedures for Implementation of Handbook Polices