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Research Centers & Institutes at Calvin College

Calvin College Centers and Institutes

The Calvin College Centers and Institutes were created to enrich the programs of the college by contributing to the distinctive nature of Calvin College and ensuring the mission and strategic plan of the college by addressing perceived needs and strategic opportunities.

Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship (CCCS)
Calvin Center for Faith and Writing
Calvin Center for Innovation in Business
Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (CICW)
Center for Social Research (CSR)
Clean Water Institute of Calvin College
Henry Institute for Study of Christianity and Politics
Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching & Learning
H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies
Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity
The Van Lunen Center: Executive Management in Christian Schools

Short Descriptions (click on title to go directly to center's website)

The Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship:

The Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship (CCCS) exists to coordinate and provide leadership for the project of advancing and improving intentional Christian scholarship at Calvin College. "Intentional Christian scholarship" means research and reflection that deliberately bring the resources of the Christian faith to bear upon a subject, whether by scrutinizing the fundamental premises of a theory or a field; by elaborating the ethical consequences of social structures, research methods, or ways of thought; by creating imaginative or artistic works; or by helping Christians understand their world better through the critical appropriation of new work being done in the academy. Since 1976, the Center has sponsored numerous scholarly projects, many of them collaborative, resulting in scores of published books, articles, conferences, art installations, concerts, lectures, and reading groups.

The Calvin Center for Innovation in Business:

The Calvin Center for Innovation in Business (CCIB) engages students, faculty, and the broader business community to support and develop the Calvin College Business Department, raising the level of business education and scholarship at Calvin College to ensure students are well equipped for lives of service and leadership in business.

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship:

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship at Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary promotes the study of the theology, history, and practice of Christian worship and the renewal of worship in congregations. The Worship Institute provides courses on worship at the college and seminary, offers an extensive website of resources, hosts an annual conference on worship, offers regional workshops at sites across North America, sponsors both scholarly and practical books on worship, and furnishes grants and consulting services to congregations that seek to promote worship renewal. Some opportunities are available to Calvin students to participate as interns, student staff members, and conference and research team participants.

Center for Social Research:

The Center for Social Research (CSR) conducts social-scientific research on behalf of Calvin faculty, the Christian Reformed Church, and a wide array of local, national and international organizations. The CSR is closely tied to and governed by representatives of Calvin’s academic social science departments, but also works with scholars from every discipline who need to collect and analyze social data. The Center conducts several large research projects and several dozen smaller projects annually. Many major publications and projects can be found on the CSR website. Other projects are confidential studies conducted under contract to clients. The CSR employs and trains students and recent Calvin graduates to apply social science methods and up-to-date information technology to research projects, from conception to final publication or presentation. The CSR's skill set includes research design, data modeling and database design, surveys (online, by mail, and in-person), qualitative research (including interviewing, focus groups, audio and video transcription, and textual analysis), geographic information systems, data visualization and publication design.

The Paul B. Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics:

The Henry Institute continues Paul Henry’s quest to promote serious reflection on the interplay between Christianity and public life. It provides resources for researchers, supports publications and conferences in order to disseminate scholarly work, and seeks to highlight the best thinking on faith and politics for the larger public. The Institute is particularly dedicated to fostering civic engagement and intellectual reflection among a new generation of scholars and public servants.

The Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning:

The Kuyers Institute is devoted to the study and promotion of pedagogy and learning from an integrally Christian perspective. It focuses on teaching and learning from pre-kindergarten through college, and it fosters research, curriculum innovation, and professional development. The Kuyers Institute frequently brings professionals together for workshops, conferences, collaborative research opportunities, and coordinated publication projects.

The H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies:

The Meeter Center is a research center specializing in John Calvin and Calvinism. Among college and university libraries in North America, the Meeter Center’s rare book room contains one of the largest collections of sixteenth-century imprints of the works of Calvin and other reformers. The Center’s rare book collection also includes a number of Reformation era editions of the Bible. The Meeter Center fosters interest in and knowledge of John Calvin and Calvinism through lectures, presentations, conferences, summer seminars and courses, and a program of fellowships for faculty and graduate students from other institutions and for pastors in the Reformed tradition.

Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity:

The Nagel Institute pursues three aims: 1) to promote a deeper understanding of Christian movements from the global South and East; 2) to partner with scholars in these regions to support their Christian thinking and cultural engagement; and 3) to provoke a reorientation in the global North toward the concerns of world Christianity. The Nagel Institute serves faculty and students with support for faculty-led projects on world Christianity, frequent lectures by scholars from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and major funded research and faculty development projects worldwide.

The Van Lunen Center: Executive Management in Christian Schools

The mission of the Van Lunen Center is to provide world-class executive management education essential to the future of schools based on the historic Christian faith. Its Van Lunen Fellows Program helps Christian school heads develop into dynamic executives who lead from faith-based values, knowledge, and habits.