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Planning Team Members

Many thanks to the strategic planning team for its eighteen months of work on this project. The team was commissioned by the Planning and Priorities Committee in March 2006. Members were selected to represent a broad cross-section of the campus community:

Claudia Beversluis (chair)
Jeff Bouman
director of service-learning center, Student Life Division representative
Jim Bradley
professor of mathematics, director of assessment and institutional research
Henry DeVries
vice president, Administration, Finance, Information Services Division
Bob Eames
professor of economics and business, Social Sciences Division representative
Jennifer Holberg
professor of English; Languages, Literature, and Arts Division representative
Michelle Loyd-Paige
professor of sociology, dean for multicultural affairs
Karin Maag
professor of history, vice chair of Faculty Senate, Contextual Disciplines Division representative
Dale Kuiper
director of admissions, Enrollment and External Relations Division representative
Darlene Meyering
executive associate to the president
Robert Nordling
co-director of Christian formation for campus life, Student Life Division representative
Dirk Pruis
vice president, Advancement Division
Matt Walhout
professor of physics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division representative
Julie Walton
professor of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, and Sport; Planning and Priorities Committee representative
Sam Wanner
director of financial services.