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EH&S: Safety Training Program

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A 3-phase Safety Training Program is required for every new employee (any type of faculty appointment; full, part-time, and temporary staff; student employees, interns, and volunteers) at Calvin College. The training is to be completed within your first week on the job.

Phase 1: General Procedures
Click on the link above and complete Phase 1: General Procedures on-line. Print out the verification form and fill it in with the help of your supervisor, then send to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

Phase 2: Safety & Health Training
Click on one of the links below and complete the Phase 2: Safety & Health Training level that is required for your job.

  • Level 300 is for those who work for Physical Plant, Telecommunications, Campus Events Technical Services, Theater Scene Shop, Science Division Shops, Art Studios, Campus Safety Officers and Campus Safety Supervisors.
  • Level 200 is for all those who work in the Science Division, Science Labs, Health Services, Nursing, Kinesiology or Coaching.
  • Level 100 is the course that covers topics necessary for working in an office or classroom setting. All other staff, faculty, and student employees who are not listed above must complete this level.

Print out the Phase 2 verification form; fill it in with the help of your supervisor, then send it to EHS.

Phase 3: Job Specific Training
Check with your supervisor to see what job specific training you need or check this chart: Training Requirements Based on the Work You Do

If you have any questions about the Safety Training or this quiz, please contact:
Jennifer Ambrose
Office Phone:        x6-6342
Cell Phone:           204.2323




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