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Reformed Mission in an Age of World Christianity

Reformed Mission in an Age of World Christianity
Edited by Shirley J. Roels
Foreword by Setri Nyomi
Publication date:
June 2011
PDF chapters:


Faith in Jesus Christ is celebrated today in more languages and lands than any other living faith. In many global spaces the growth of Christianity has come to a new point of departure. People everywhere are experiencing personal conversion or renewal, sharing the gospel, growing Christian fellowships, and pondering their cultures. As Christians, what should we do until Jesus returns? Attention to theological thinking about the intersection of living, learning, and acting in the world has been a historic strength of Reformed Christianity. This book weaves the future of world Christianity with Reformed Christian frameworks, providing fresh ideas for the 21st century.


"Christianity is truly a world religion, with 2.3 billion adherents, the vast majority of whom live in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the islands of the Pacific. That geographic pattern is also true for more than 75 million members of the World Communion of Reformed Churches. This Reformed Christian tradition is not one of the world's largest or fastest growing, but it has a reputation for lively and strate­gic Christian thinking. Our times cry out for fresh approaches to Christian mission in the world, and in this book Reformed Christian thinkers from around the world show that they have much to offer."—Joel Carpenter, Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity

"Augustine noted that through harmony we imitate God's unity. As Christians gather from various cultures, we 'hear' the polyphonic songs that emerge from living between Scripture and culture. Convinced of such Reformed emphases as God's sovereignty over all things and driven to attend to all the hurts of the world, Christians from various cultures and denominations here raise their sweet-sad songs of faithful witness across several realms of human endeavor. I pray that the essays in this volume will provide such delight that readers will become 'singers,' further contributing to the symphonic shalom that all people seek."—Nick Lantinga, International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education


Individual chapters from Reformed Mission in an Age of World Christianity may be downloaded in PDF format below.

Editor's preface by Shirley J. Roels

Foreword by Setri Nyomi

A 21st-Century Call

"Elected for a Global Mission: The Call to the Broader Reformed Agenda," Richard J. Mouw

Part I: Living Roots For Living Water

"Strong Roots for a Vibrant Future," Karin Maag

"Reformed Principles as Remaining Roots," Paul J. Visser

Part II: Translation Across Borders

"Cross-Boundary Faith: The Universal and the Contextual," Janel Curry

"Mission as Transformation: Holistic, Ecumenical, and Contextual," David S. Lim

Part III: The Covenantal Community

"Covenantal Communities and Reformed Mission Worldwide: Covenantal Mission, the Institutional Church, and Freedom from Cultural Captivity," John D. Witvliet

"Men and Women: Made by and for Community," Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Part IV: Roles at the Table of the Church

"The Global Economy, Injustice, and the Church: On Being Reformed in Today's World," Roland Hoksbergen

"Fostering Communion and Justice: Twin Roles for the Church," Jerry Pillay and Shirley J. Roels

Together in Our Global Future

"Challenges and Opportunities: A Next-Steps Discussion," José Alcántara, Susan Felch, Won Lee, and Paul J. Visser