Boldly exploring the frontiers of the human mind

Psychology at Calvin lets you integrates a deeply Christian worldview with research-based academic exploration.

Calvin's psychology department is inspiring students' minds and hearts to expand in all directions. The pursuit of knowledge about the human mind and behavior propels us to ask new questions, generate fresh ideas and embrace the unknown. As a psychology student, you will balance science, faith and practice, exploring the complexity of the human mind through a uniquely Christian perspective.

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Quick Facts
  • 96%

    of 2013 graduates were professionally employed or in graduate school one year after graduation*

    (*4% were employed, but seeking)

  • 100%

    of psychology majors get research experience in courses or through undergraduate research opportunities

  • 35%

    of recent graduates had double majors at Calvin

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Explore Psychology at Calvin
Academic Options

Academic options
Study human behavior through a Christian and research-based curriculum.

Careers and Outcomes

Careers and outcomes
Graduate with a versatile degree that prepares you to pursue a wide variety of careers.

World Class Faculty

World-class faculty
Learn from esteemed faculty members who will engage you in collaborative research.