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Transfer: New Students

You will find at Calvin a school that takes seriously not only it's academic reputation, but also it's Christian identity. Every course at Calvin seeks to integrate learning and the Christian faith for your intellectual and spiritual growth.

Getting started - new students

If you have committed to Calvin and are ready to get set up as a student, visit the new student welcome page for a step-by-step guide and important links and information.

Prospective transfer - inquiring

To request an evaluation of transfer credit, submit an application for admission. Then forward your official transcripts of all college work to the admissions office. You may request information from the admissions office if you are not ready to apply.

Advanced planning - future transfers

Students planning to transfer to Calvin after a semester or two at a local or community college may find this pdf document useful in choosing courses that will fill Calvin's core (general education) requirements. See equivalency pages for specific pre-approved courses from specific schools. Note: this is a small list of frequently transferred colleges and is not intended to be comprehensive.

High school students

Planning Dual-enroll credit for transfer

Calvin will accept dual credit (completed while in high school) for first year students when demonstrated on a college transcript. High school students hoping to come to Calvin may find this pdf document useful in choosing courses that will fill Calvin's core (general education) requirements.

Reivew the core pages to gain an understanding of the requirements for regular programs and professional programs with reduced or specified requirements. Example: elementary education core requirements are very specific due to state certification requirements.

Review our AP policy to see how your AP scores might receive credit.

Sending Dual-enroll records for credit

To make sure your credit is posted to your Calvin record, please:

  1. Mail your official transcript from the supporting college's registrar's office. Mail to: Calvin College 3201 Burton St SE, Grand Rapids MI 49546. Official transcripts will likely have a small processing fee. Credit will not be posted based on your high school transcript.
  2. Notify the Transfer Advisor at least a week prior to your PASSPORT orientation session to assure your credit is posted in time for preliminary advising. Credit can be posted at any time.

AP results will be sent automatically if you requested them to be sent to Calvin. If you did not list Calvin as a recipient when you took the test, please call 1-888-CALL-4-AP and request official results. Use Calvin's code 1095 to make sure your results will arrive.

Academic scholarships for transfer students are awarded to students entering in the fall and spring semesters.

Specific questions about transfer credit may be sent to the Transfer Advisor.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.