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Transfer Information: Off Campus Programs

Calvin programs and direct-enroll courses

While you are studying off campus with a Calvin program, you have the opportunity to enroll in courses at the home institutions.

Direct-enroll course: definition, process

When referring to direct-enroll courses this refers to any course that you may take at another institution while abroad on an off campus program. When you are finished with the course, the institution generally sends a transcript of your coursework. These courses are treated like regular transfer credit, the grade is generally demonstrated on your Calvin transcript, but does not calculate into the gpa.

Independent studies (STXX 390): If your Calvin courses total up to less than 12 semester hours, you will be registered for a place holder course numbered 390. When your driect-enroll transcript arrives and your credit is posted, your place holder 390 course will be zeroed out and will show on your AER under 'other courses' for zero hours with a CR grade. This will not show on your transcript.

Calvin programs course pre-approvals

Course selection sheet: Use this form to request approval for receiving Calvin credit for courses taken at another college prior to taking the course(s). Any major or minor equivalents must be approved by an advisor. *Please send course descriptions.*

Scroll down or click here to see the list of pre-approved direct-enroll courses for standard Calvin programs.
Britain | France | Hungary | Honduras: Spanish | Ghana | Peru | Spain

Late course selection

Due to the nature of enrollment in some off campus programs, you may not be able to select courses prior to your arrival. If this is the case, you may request an urgent evaluation by e-mail once you arrive. If the course you are wishing to take will fill a major requirment, you must send the approval to your advisor, please CC the transfer advisor Anna Ferrell (

For urgent core course approvals, please e-mail Anna Ferrell with the core category you hope to fill as well as the course number(s), title(s), and course description(s). Please include a descriptive subject line.

Non-Calvin programs

Transfer Pre-Approvals: Use the Transfer Credit Pre-approval Form available here to request approval for receiving Calvin credit for courses taken at another college prior to taking the course(s). For core and general elective credit, you may fill and submit the fillable pdf form. Any major or minor equivalents must be approved by an advisor. *Please send course descriptions.*

Course equivalencies - preapproved

This section is under construction; we hope to provide a list of courses that have been used for core purposes from various off campus programs at the home institutions. The terms listed

No direct enroll available

China, Honduras-Justice, Washington D.C.

Britain for spring 2015

York St. John module list

  • History - Empires
  • Arts - Film and Its Audience, The Age of Revolution, Film and the American Imagination, Theatre in Social Context, The 21st Century Audience
  • Literature - Reading Texts 2, Contemporary Writing, Gender and Writing
  • Religion - Foundations of Christian Theology, Theology: Action and Reflection
  • Persons in Community - Conceptual & Historical Issues in Psychology
  • Arts - History of French Cinema
  • Language courses to be approved by advisor
Ghana for 2016
  • Global Historical, required course
    UGRC 220: Introduction to African Studies
  • Societal Structures
    UGBS 201: Microeconomics and Business
    POLI 112: Political Institutions
    POLI 346: African and the Global System
    POLI 358: Conflict and Society in Africa
    POLI 366: Politics and Civil Society in Ghana
    SOCI 204: Social Structure of Modern Ghana
  • Persons in Community
    POLI 458: Politics of Identity in Ghana*
    PSYC 462: Political Psychology
    SOWK 346: Women and Children’s Rights and Protection
  • Literature
    ENGL 224: Survey of English Literature II
    ENGL 314: Introduction to African Literature
    ENGL 414: The Romantic Movement in English Literature
    ENGL 436: Masterpieces of World Literature
    ENGL 438: Master pieces of American Literature
  • Philosophy
    PHCL 102: Philosophical Questions
  • Arts
    CLAS 318: Roman Art and Architecture
    THEA 212: Play Analysis and Interpretation I (II or III also accepted)
    THEA 214: History of Medieval Theatre and Drama
    THEA 436: African Plays and Playwrights
    MUSC 338: Traditional Music in Ghana
    MUSC 344: Music of Southern Africa
    MUSC 346: Process of Art
  • Foundations of Info Tech
    INFS 214: Introduction to Computing
Honduras: Spanish
  • Language courses - to be determined
Hungary for fall 2015

Karoli Gaspar (KG) & Cornvinus University (CU)

  • Rhetoric in Culture - Oral Presentation Skills, Visual Communication (CU)
  • Persons In Community - Holocaust Literature (KG), Hungarian Language Culture and History (KG), International Relations and Institutions (KG)
  • Religion I Core - Foundations of Faith (KG) (Rel II may be considered by exception, submit on course selection sheet.)
  • Literature Core - Selected Topics in NA Literature, Holocaust Literature (KG)
  • History Core - History of Civilizations (CU)
  • Arts Core - Films and History (CU)
  • Philosophical Foundations Core - Philosophy (CU)
Peru for fall 2015

Universidad Catolica San Pablo

  • Persons in Community - Psychology
  • Societal Structures - Political Science, Economics
  • Arts core - Plastic Arts, Art Appreciation
  • Religion: Theological Foundations I - Theology
  • Philosophy - Introduction to Philosophy
  • Elective credit - Ethics
Spain for spring 2015

Universidad de Oviedo

  • Rhetoric in Culture - Spanish Language: expression and oral interaction, Sociedad y cultura espanoles


Direct enroll by program

Some Calvin programs do not have direct-enroll options:

  • China
  • Honduras: Justice
  • Washington D.C.

Most Calvin prorams have at least one direct-enroll option:

  • Britain (2)
  • France
  • Ghana (2-3 starting 2016)
  • Honduras: Spanish (1)
  • Hungary (2-3)
  • Peru (1)
  • Spain (1)