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Transfer Information: Course Equivalencies

Muskegon Community College equivalency guide

Calvin's policy allows students to transfer up to 70 semester hours of credit from 2 year institutions. The table below lists the most commonly transferred courses and indicates if they fill one of Calvin's core requirements. Courses not listed here may also transfer.

Contact the Transfer Advisor for more information about Calvin course equivalencies.

Muskegon Community College Calvin Equivalent  
ANTH 103 Cultural Diversity in Contemp. Society SOC/SOWK 250 Diversity and Inequality Persons in community core
ANTH 110  Intro to Cultural Anthro SOC 153  Intro to Cultural Anthro Global/Hist core
ART 198  Art History I ANTH 101 Intro to History of Art I Arts core
ART 199  Art History II ANTH 102  Intro to History of Art II Arts core
ART 202  Contemporary Art History  ARTS CORE  Arts core
ASTR 101 General Astronomy ASTR 110 Planets, Stars, & Galaxies Physical World core
BIOL 103 Intro Biology  BIOL 111  Biological Science Living World core
BIOL 104  Intro to Biology II  BIOL CORE  Living World core
BIOL 105  Anatomy & Physiology I BIOL 205  Mammalian Anatomy    
BIOL 106  Anatomy & Physiology II BIOL 206  Mammalian Physiology    
BIOL 110 Environmental Science BIOL CORE  Living World core
BIOL 207  Microbiology class & lecture BIOL 207  Intro Microbiology    
CHEM 100  Fund of Chemistry class & lab CHEM 101  Molecular World Physical World core
CHEM 101  General & Inorganic Chemistry class & lab CHEM 103  General Chemistry I Physical World core
CHEM 102  General & Inorganic Chemistry class & lab CHEM 104  General Chemistry II Physical World core
CHEM 109 Chem for Health Science class & lab PHYS WORLD Physical World core
CIS 110 Computer Concepts IDIS 110 Found of Information Tech Info Tech core
CIS 120A Intro to Computer Information Systems INFO TECH Info Tech core
CJ 101 Intro to Law Enforcement Societal core   Societal core
CJ 104  Criminology SOC 211  Criminology & Delinquency   
COM 101  Oral Communication  CAS 101  Oral Rhetoric  Rhetoric & Culture core
COM 201  Public Speaking  CAS 101  Oral Rhetoric  Rhetoric & Culture core
COM 203  Intro to Cinema CAS 145 Intro to Film Arts core
DNC 100  Modern Dance I PER 153  Modern Dance I Health/Fitness core
DNC 101  Modern Jazz Dance I PER 152  Jazz Dance I Health/Fitness core
DNC 102 Ballet I PER 155 Ballet Dance I Health/Fitness core
DNC 106  Social Dance  PER 158  Social Dance Health/Fitness core
DNC 200  Modern Dance II PER163  Modern Dance II Health/Fitness core
DNC 201  Modern Jazz Dance II PER 162  Jazz Dance II Health/Fitness core
ECON 101  Prin of Economics ECON 222  Prin of Macroeconomics   
ECON 102  Prin of Microeconomics ECON 221  Prin of Microeconomics Societal core
ED 230  Children's Lit  ENGL 325 Children's Lit    
ENG 101 & 102 English Composition (both courses) ENGL 101  Written Rhetoric  Written Rhetoric core
ENG 200  Lit of Western Civilization ENGL 210  World Lit I Literature core
ENG 201  Lit of Western Civilization ENGL 211  World Lit II Literature core
ENG 204 Intro to Fiction ENGL 205 Understanding Literature Literature core
ENG 208  Intro to Cinema ENGL 251  Intro to Cinema Arts core
ENG 210  Nature of Language ENGL 337  History of English Language   
ENG 211 Lit of World Mythology CLAS 231  Classical Mythology Arts core
ENG 225  Major Amer Writers/Amer Lit I ENGL 217  Survey of Amer Lit I Literature core
ENG 226  Major Amer Writers/Amer Lit II ENGL 218 Survey of Amer Lit II Literature core
ENG 227  British Lit I  ENGL 215  Survey of British Lit I  Literature core
ENG 228  British Lit II  ENGL 216  Survey of British Lit II  Literature core
FR 101  Basic French  FREN 101  Elem French 
FR 102  Basic French  FREN 102 Elem French 
FR 201  Interm French FREN 201  Interm French 
FR 202  Interm French  FREN 202 Interm French  Foreign Lang core
GEOG 101  Physical Geography  GEOG 120  Earth Systems  Physical World core
GEOG 105  World Regional Geography GEOG 110  World Regional Geography Global/Hist core
GEOG 215  Intro to Weather&Climate  PHYS WORLD Physical World core
GEOL 101  Introduction to Physical Geology GEOL 120  Earth Systems  Physical World core
GEOL 102  Intro to Earth History  PHYS WORLD Physical World core
GER 101  Basic German  GERM 101  Elem German 
GER 102  Basic German  GERM 102  Elem German 
GER 201  Interm German  GERM 201  Interm German 
GER 202  Interm German  GERM 202  Interm German  Foreign Lang core
HE 100  Community First Aid & Safety HE 203 First Aid & Emergency Care   
HIST 101  Western Civilization to 1500 HIST 151  History of West & World I History core
HIST 102  Western Civilization HIST 152  History of West & World II History core
HIST 202  U S from Reconstruction to Present HIST 253  Industrial America 1877-1945   
HIST 207  Afro-Amer History  HIST 255  African-Amer History    
HIST 220 Labor Studies SOC ST CORE   Societal Structures core
HUM 195  Intro to Humanities ARTS CORE     Arts core
MATH 107 Math Excursions MATH 100 Math in Contemp World Math core
MATH 115  Probability & Stats MATH 143  Intro to Probability & Stats Math core
MATH 151  Survey of Calc MATH 160  Elem Functions & Calc Math core
MATH 161  Calc I  MATH 171  Calc I  Math core
MATH 162 Calc II MATH 172 Calc II Math core
MATH 274 Linear Algebra & Matrices MATH 255  Applied Linear Algebra   
MATH 295 Differential Equations with Linear Algebra MATH 231  Differ Equa / Linear Alg   
MU 103  Intro to Music Lit MUSC 105  Intro to Music Arts core
PEA 103  Weight Training PER 107  Weight Training  Health/Fitness core
PEA 104  Walking,Jogging,Condition PER 102  Walking Health/Fitness core
PEA 106  Leisure Games PER 139 New Games  Health/Fitness core
PEA 107  Archery PEA 184  Archery Health/Fitness core
PEA 108 Bowling PER 137  Bowling Health/Fitness core
PEA 109  Sport Judo &Self Defense PER 172  Self Defense  Health/Fitness core
PEA 114 Golf I PER 132  Golf I Health/Fitness core
PEA 116  Tennis I  PER 133  Tennis I  Health/Fitness core
PEA 117  Racquetball  PER 134  Racquetball I  Health/Fitness core
PEA 118  Cycling PER 103  Cycling Health/Fitness core
PEA 120  Nordic Skiing  PER 178  Cross-Country Skiing Health/Fitness core
PEA 130  Beginning Swimming PER 140  Swimming I  Health/Fitness core
PEA 131  Interm Swimming  PER 170  Swim II  Health/Fitness core
PEA 132  Golf I  PER 132  Golf I  Health/Fitness core
PEA 134  Lifeguard Training  PE 191  Lifeguard Training 
PEA 137  Beginning Scuba  PE 198 Scuba Training    
PEA 139  Basic Canoeing  PER 143  Canoeing Health/Fitness core
PEA 152  Softball PER 141  Slo-Pitch Softball Health/Fitness core
PEA 154  Volleyball I  PER 135  Volleyball I  Health/Fitness core
PEA 155  Basketball I  PER 173  Basketball Health/Fitness core
PEA 201  Aerobic Movement for Fitness PER 106  Aerobic Dance  Health/Fitness core
PEA 214  Golf II  PER 182  Golf II  Health/Fitness core
PEA 216  Tennis II  PER 183  Tennis II  Health/Fitness core
PEA 254  Volleyball II  PER 175  Volleyball II  Health/Fitness core
PHIL 101  Basic Concepts in Philosophy PHIL 153  Intro to Philosophy Philosophy core
PHIL 104  Symbolic Logic  PHIL 173  Intro to Symbolic Logic   
PHIL 202  Intro to Ethics PHIL 205  Ethics   
PHIL 203 Philosophy of Religion PHIL 204  Philosophy of Religion   
PHIL210 World Religions REL 255 World Religions Global/Hist core
PHSC 101  Intro Physical Science Lecture & Lab Phys World Core    Physical World core
PHYSICS 201  Prin of Physics Lecture & Lab PHYS 221  General Physics  Physical World core
PHYSICS 202  Prin of Physics Lecture & Lab PHYS 222  General Physics  Physical World core
PHSC 101 Intro Physical Science Phys World   Physical World core
PSCI 111  Intro to Amer Government POLS 101  Amer Politics  Societal core
PSCI 211 Comparative Government GLOBE CORE Global/Hist core
PSYC 201  General Psychology  PSYC 151  Intro Psychology  Persons in community core
SOC 101  Prin of Sociology SOC 151  Sociological Prin & Perspectives Societal core
SOC 203  Intro to Social Work SOWK 240  Intro to Social Work & Social Welfare   
SPAN 101  Basic Spanish SPAN 101  Elem Spanish
SPAN 102  Basic Spanish  SPAN 102  Elem Spanish 
SPAN 201  Interm Spanish  SPAN 201  Interm Spanish
SPAN 202  Interm Spanish SPAN 202  Interm Spanish  Foreign Lang core
TH 101  Theater Appreciation CAS 217 Prin of Theatre Arts core
TH 102  Intro to Acting I CAS 218  Prin of Acting   
TH 201  Intro to Theatre History ARTS CORE     Arts core



You can contact the Transfer Evaluator by e-mail or phone: 616-526-6556