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Transfer Information: Course Equivalencies

Grand Rapids Community College equivalency guide

Calvin's policy allows students to transfer up to 70 semester hours of credit from 2 year institutions. The table below lists the commonly transferred courses and indicates if they fill one of Calvin's core requirements. Courses listed as "elective credit" might be used for filling requirements in a major or minor with the approval of an academic advisor.

Contact the Transfer Advisor for more information about Calvin course equivalencies.

Grand Rapids Community

Calvin Equivalent

Core Requirement?

AN 201 Intro to Anthropology GLO/HIST CORE GLOBAL / HIST CORE
AN 205 Intro to Archaeology IDIS 240 Intro to Archaeology ELECTIVE CREDIT
AN 210 Cultural anthropology SOC 153 Intro to Cultural Anthro GLOBAL / HIST CORE
AN 280 Cult & Hist Native Am ELECTIVE CREDIT
AN 285 Archaeology of Ireland GLOBAL/HIST CORE
AS 103 Descriptive astronomy       PHYS WORLD CORE
AS  106 Solar System etc. ASTR 111 Solar System PHYS WORLD CORE
AS 108 Stars, Galaxies, etc. ASTR 110 Planets, Stars & Galax PHYS WORLD CORE
AT 105 History of Art Before1400 ARTH 101 Intro History of Art I ARTS CORE
AT 106 History of Art Since 1400 ARTH 102 Intro History of Art II ARTS CORE
AT 130 2 Dimen Design I ELECTIVE CREDIT
AT 131 2 Dimen Design 2 ELECTIVE CREDIT
AT 140 Drawing ARTS 250 Intro Drawing
AT 141 Advanced Drawing ARTS 300 Interm Drawing
AT 150 3 Dimensional Design ELECTIVE CREDIT
AT 195 Art History Abroad ELECTIVE CREDIT
AT 200 Watercolor 1 ELECTIVE CREDIT
AT 201 Watercolor 2 ELECTIVE CREDIT
AT 214 Painting I ARTS 251 Intro Painting
AT 215 Painting II ARTS 301 Interm Painting
AT 219 Landscape Paint & Draw ELECTIVE CREDIT
AT 222 Intro to Pottery ARTS 258 Intro to Ceramics
AT 226 Pottery: Primitive Techniq ELECTIVE CREDIT
AT 230 Life Drawing 1 ELECTIVE CREDIT
AT 231 Life Drawing 2 ELECTIVE CREDIT
AT 255 Art for the Elem Classrm ARTE 315 Intro to Elem Art Ed ARTS CORE
AT 260 Graphic Design 1 ELECTIVE CREDIT
AT 261 Graphic Design 2 ELECTIVE CREDIT
AT 270 History of architecture ARTS CORE ARTS CORE
AT 271 Modern art: 1850 - Present ARTS CORE ARTS CORE
AT 276 History of Architecture ARTC 201 Architectural Art I ARTS CORE
AT  223 Pottery: Throwing ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 101 Business & Tech Engl 1 ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 102 Business & Tech Engl 2 ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 103 Intro to Business BUS 160 Business Foundations ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 105 Entrepreneurship ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 106 Starting a Business ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 120 Editing & Proofreading ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 145 Computer Apps in Bus ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 150 Business Mathematics ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 153 Personal Finance ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 156 Accounting Fundamentals ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 158 Account for Entrepreneurs ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 160 Computerized Accounting ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 170 Principles of Retailing ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 174 Advertising ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 183 Supervision ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 201 Business Communication ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 207 Business Law 1 BUS 350 Law in Business
BA 208 Business Law 2 BUS 350 Law in Business
BA 209 Issues in Bus Ethics ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 247 Adv Comp Apps in Bus ELECTIVE CREDIT
BA 254 Business Statistics MATH CORE MATH CORE
BA 256 Princ of Accounting I BUS 204 Financial Acct
BA 257 Princ of Accounting II BUS 203 Managerial Acct
BI 101 General Biology BIOL 111 Biological Science LIVING WORLD CORE
BI 103 Survey of Plant Biology BIOL CORE LIVING WORLD CORE
BI 117 Gen Human Anat & Phys BIOL 115 Human Biology LIVING WORLD CORE
BI 121 Human Anat & Phys I BIOL 205 Human Anatomy

BI 121 & 122 for BIOL 205/206

BI 122 Human Anat & Phys II BIOL 206 Human Physiology

BI 121 & 122 for BIOL 205/206

BI 125 Personal Health ELECTIVE CREDIT
BI 127 Gen Microbiology BIOL 207 Intro Microbiology  
BI 151 Cells, Molecules, Genes BIOL 141 Cell Biology & Genetics LIVING WORLD CORE
BI 152 Biological Diversity BIOL CORE LIVING WORLD CORE
BI 160 Evol & Nature of Science ELECTIVE CREDIT
BI 171 Intro to Marine Science ELECTIVE CREDIT
BI 204 Studies in Natural History ELECTIVE CREDIT
BI 215 General Ecology ELECTIVE CREDIT
CD 103 Found of Early Child Educ ELECTIVE CREDIT
CD 116 Families, Intimate Relat ELECTIVE CREDIT
CD 118 Human Growth & Develop PSYC 201 Devel Psych: Lifespan
CD 119 Meth in Preschool Educ ELECTIVE CREDIT
CD 120 Adult Development ELECTIVE CREDIT
CD 210 Infant/Toddler Develop ELECTIVE CREDIT
CD 215 Adult-Child Interaction ELECTIVE CREDIT
CD 218 Preschool Management ELECTIVE CREDIT
CD 230 Yng Child., Spec Needs ELECTIVE CREDIT
CD 260 Emergent Literacy ELECTIVE CREDIT
CD 270 Ldrship Early Child Educ ELECTIVE CREDIT
CD 285 Assessment  Tools ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ 105 Intro to Corrections ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ 110 Intro to Criminal Justice SOC 210 The Criminal Justice SOCIAL STRUCT CORE
CJ 111 Criminology SOC 211 Criminology & Delinq
CJ 115 Client Growth & Develop ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ 122 Spanish for Crim Justice ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ  140 Juvenile Delinquency ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ  145 Juvenile Corrections ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ  221 Correctional Institutions ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ  234 Constitutional Law ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ  235 Criminal Law ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ  237 Legal Iss in Corrections ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ  245 Substance Abuse ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ  246 Alcohol Use & Abuse ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ  255 Advanced First Aid ELECTIVE CREDIT
CJ  270 Issues in Corrections ELECTIVE CREDIT
CM 110 Chem in Modern World P W CORE PHYS WORLD CORE
CM 130/31 General Chemistry 1 CHEM 103 General Chemistry I PHYS WORLD CORE
CM 140/41 General Chemistry 2 CHEM 104 General Chemistry II PHYS WORLD CORE
CM 120 Survey of General  Chem ELECTIVE CREDIT
CM 150/51 Honors Chem I P W CORE PHYS WORLD CORE
CM 280 Quan Chem Analysis P W CORE PHYS WORLD CORE
CM 230/31 Intro to Organic Chem CHEM 253 Fundamental of Organic Chemistry
CM 260/61 Princ of Organ Chem/ Lab CHEM 261 Organic Chemistry Must include Lab CM 237
CM 270/71 Princ of Org Chem/ Lab CHEM 262 Organic Chemistry Must include Lab CM 239
CM 290 Instrumental Analysis ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 101 Intro to Comp Apps INFO CORE INFO TECH CORE
CO 110 Intro to Comp Info Sys ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 112 Prins of Info Security ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 116 Intro to Comp Program CS 108 Intro to Computing  
CO 117 Intro to Programming       ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 120 Using Graphics Software ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 122 Computerized Illustration ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 124 Visual Basic.Net Prog ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 127 C/C++ Programming CS 104 Applied C++

Combined with CO 132

CO 129 Intro to C# Programming ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 132 C/C++ Programming CS 104 Applied C++ Combine with CO 127
CO 132 UNIX Operating System ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 140 Microsoft Power Point IS 151 Computing Presentation
CO 142 UNIX Shell Programming ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 145 Using the Internet IS 153 Computing w/ Internet
CO 146 Web Design Fund ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 150 Intro Computer Animation ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 156 Excel IS 171 Computing w/ Spreadsheets
CO 168 Intro to Internet Animation ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 170 Intro to Database Softw IS 141 Com w/ Databases
CO 171 Database Design ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 217 Adv Java Programming ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 224 Intro to Systems Analysis ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 227 Adv C++ Programming ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 229 Adv C# Programming ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 250 3-dimen Com Animation ELECTIVE CREDIT
CO 260 Adv Database Apps ELECTIVE CREDIT
COM 131 Fund of Public Speaking CAS 101 Oral Rhetoric RHETORIC IN CULTURE
COM 135 Interpersonal Comm CAS 260 Interpersonal Communication
COM 232 Intro to Persuasive Speak RHET CORE RHETORIC IN CULTURE
COM 235 Gender & Communication CAS 270 Comm & Gender  
COM 236 Intercultural Comm CAS 253 Intercultural Communication
COM 240 Family Communication ELECTIVE CREDIT
COM 250 Organizational Comm CAS 262 Business Comm  
EC 251 Princ of Economics 1 ECON 222 Princ of Macroeconomics
EC 252 Princ of Economics 2 ECON 221 Princ of Microeconomics SOCIETAL STRUCT CORE
ED 200 Intro to Education EDUC 102 Intro to Education
EG 110 Indust Graphics w/ CAD ENGR 181 Engr graphical communication
EG 208 Statics ENGR 202 Statics and Dynamics Both EG 208 and 212 required
EG 212 Dynamics ENGR 202 Statics and Dynamics Both EG 208 and 212 required
EN 101 English Composition-1 ENGL 101 WRITTEN RHET CORE Requires both EN 101 & 102
EN 102 English Composition-2 ENGL 101 WRITTEN RHET CORE Requires both EN 101 & 102
EN 233 Poetry ENGL 320 Modern British & American Poetry
EN 242 Popular Literature LIT CORE LIT CORE
EN 246 Writing for Publications ELECTIVE CREDIT
EN 247 Creative Writing 1 ENGL 362 Creative Writing
EN 248 Creative Writing 2 ENGL 362 Creative Writing
EN 249 Technical Writing ELECTIVE CREDIT
EN 250 Children's Literature ENGL 340 Children's Literature
EN 251 Multicult Am Lit/ Children LIT CORE LITERATURE CORE
EN 252 Shakespeare ENGL 338 Shakespeare LITERATURE CORE
EN 261 Great American Writers 1 ENGL 220 Survey Amer Lit 1 LITERATURE CORE
EN 262 Great American Writers 2 ENGL 221 Survey Amer Lit 2 LITERATURE CORE
EN 270 Multicultural Literature LIT CORE LITERATURE CORE
EN 271 African-American Lit I ENGL 225 African-American Lit LITERATURE CORE
EN 272 African-American Lit II ENGL 225 African-American Lit LITERATURE CORE
EN 278 Intro to Women's Lit ENGL 234 Gender & Literature LITERATURE CORE
EN 281 Survey of British Lit 1 ENGL 212 Survey of British Lit 1 LITERATURE CORE
EN 282 Survey of British Lit 2 ENGL 213 Survey of British Lit 2 LITERATURE CORE
FR 101 Intro French 1 FREN 101 Elementary French
FR 102 Intro French 2 FREN 102 Elementary French
FR 231 Interm French 1 FREN 201 Interm French
FR 232 Interm French 2 FREN 202 Interm French LANGUAGE CORE
GE 132 Physical Geography GEOL 120 Earth Systems PHYS WORLD CORE
GE 135 World Regional Geog GEOG 110 World Regional Geog GLOBAL / HIST CORE
GE 140 Geography of Michigan ELECTIVE CREDIT
GE 210 Cultural Geography GEOG 320 Intro to Cultural Geography
GE 253 Geog of U.S. & Canada GEOG 241 Geography of the US & Canada
GE 281 Immigration & Ethnicity ELECTIVE CREDIT
GH 110 Medical Terminology 1 ELECTIVE CREDIT
GH 111 Medical Terminology 2 ELECTIVE CREDIT
GH 120 Therapeutic Relationship ELECTIVE CREDIT
GH 125 Intro to Struct & Funct Human Body ELECTIVE CREDIT
GH 126 Microbiol for Health Care ELECTIVE CREDIT
GH 141 Spanish for Health Care ELECTIVE CREDIT
GL 101 Intro to Geol GEOL 151 Intro to Geology PHYS WORLD CORE
GL 104 Historical Geology GEOL 152 Historical Geology PHYS WORLD CORE
GL 105 Environmental Geology PHYS CORE PHYS WORLD CORE
GL 111 Earth Science for Educ GEOL 120 Earth Systems PHYS WORLD CORE
GO 203 Phys/Men Heath & Aging ELECTIVE CREDIT
GO 261 Growing Old in a New Age ELECTIVE CREDIT
GO 262 Aging in America ELECTIVE CREDIT
GO 263 Death and Dying ELECTIVE CREDIT
GR 101 Intro German I GERM 101 Elementary German
GR 102 Intro German 2 GERM 102 Elementary German
GR 231 Interm German 1 GERM 201 Interm German
GR 232 Interm German 2 GERM 202 Interm German LANGUAGE CORE
HS 101 Western Civ to 1500 HIST 151 Hist of West & World I HISTORY CORE
HS 102 Western Civ since 1500 HIST 152 Hist of West & World II HISTORY CORE
HS 239 History of Ulster ELECTIVE CREDIT
HS 240 Course of Irish History ELECTIVE CREDIT
HS 241 History of England 1 HIST 225 England
HS 242 History of England 2 HIST 225 England
HS 249 US Hist to Reconstruction HIST 252 American Republic, 1763-1877
HS 250 US Hist to Present HIST 253 Industrial America, 1877-1945
HS 251 African-American History ELECTIVE CREDIT
HS 260 History of Michigan ELECTIVE CREDIT
HS 276 History of Grand Rapids ELECTIVE CREDIT
HS 281 Immigr & Ethnicity in Amer ELECTIVE CREDIT
HS 290 Hist of Russ-Soviet Union ELECTIVE CREDIT
HU 204 Human & Human Adv I ELECTIVE CREDIT
HU 205 Human & Human Adv II ELECTIVE CREDIT
HU 210 Art of Being Human ELECTIVE CREDIT
HU 245 Technology & Humanity ELECTIVE CREDIT
HU 250 American Life on TV ELECTIVE CREDIT
HU 273 Film Viewing & Construct ARTS CORE ARTS CORE
HU 274 American Cinema Genres ARTS CORE ARTS CORE
HU 281 Exploring World Religions G/ H CORE GLOBAL / HIST CORE
JR 251 Intro to Journalism ELECTIVE CREDIT
JR 252 Advanced Journalism ELECTIVE CREDIT
JR 256 Broadcast Comm ELECTIVE CREDIT
JR 266 Fund of Public Relations ELECTIVE CREDIT
MA 110 College Algebra ELECTIVE CREDIT
MA 124 Math for Liberal Arts MATH 100 Math Contemp World MATH CORE
MA 127 Finite Math w/ Apps MATH CORE MATH CORE
MA 129 Survey of Calculus MATH 132 Calc for Mgt, Life,Soc Sci MATH CORE
MA 131 Precalculus MATH 110 Precalculus Math
MA 133 Calc w/ Analytic Geom 1 MATH 171 Calculus I MATH CORE
MA 134 Calc w/ Analytic Geom 2 MATH 172 Calculus II MATH CORE
MA 138 Intro to Comp Alg Systs ELECTIVE CREDIT
MA 210 Math for Elem Teach 1 ELECTIVE CREDIT
MA 211 Math for Elemm Teach 2 ELECTIVE CREDIT
MA 215 Statistics MATH 143 Intro to Prob & Stats MATH CORE
MA 245 Discrete Math Structures MATH 156 ELECTIVE CREDIT
MA 255 Calc w/ Analytic Geom MATH 271 Multivariable Calculus
MA 257 Differential Equations MATH 231 Diff Equa w/ Linear Algebra
MU 101 Intro to Music Theory 1 MUSC 100 Music Theory Fund  Also take MU 178
MU 102 Intro to Music Theory 2 MUSC 100 Music Theory Fund  Also take MU 179
MU 105 Music Interpretation ELECTIVE CREDIT
MU 107 Intro to Music Listening MUSC 103 Undstnd & Enjoy Music ARTS CORE
MU 109 Jazz in Contemp Amer ARTS CORE ARTS CORE
MU 110 App of World/West Music MUSC 107 World Music ARTS CORE
MU 144 Music, Sound & Comp ELECTIVE CREDIT
MU 169 Intro to Piano MUSC 120 Piano
MU 177 Beginning Guitar MUSC 160 Guitar
MU 200 Music for Classrm Teach MUSC 239 Teaching Gen Music
MU 201 Adv Music Theory 1 MUSC 108 Music Theory I Also take MU 208
MU 202 Adv Music Theory 2 MUSC 207 Music Theory II Also take MU 209
MU 235 History of Music 1 ARTS CORE ARTS CORE
MU 236 History of Music 2 ARTS CORE ARTS CORE
MU 237 History of Music 3 ARTS CORE ARTS CORE
PC 101 General Physical Science PHYS 110 Physical Science PHYS WORLD CORE
PC 141 Science of Sound ELECTIVE CREDIT
PC 151 Science of Light ELECTIVE CREDIT
PE 180 Football Theory ELECTIVE CREDIT
PE 181 Baseball Theory ELECTIVE CREDIT
PE 182 Basketball Theory ELECTIVE CREDIT
PE 184 Prin of Physical Ed RECR 201 Hist & Social Found Recreat
PE 185 Sports Officiating ELECTIVE CREDIT
PE 186 Community Recreation ELECTIVE CREDIT
PE 195 Water Safety Instruction PE 191 Lifeguard Training
PE 198 Intro to Athletic Training ELECTIVE CREDIT
PE 201 Title IX: Women in Athl ELECTIVE CREDIT
PE 203 Obesity Epidemic ELECTIVE CREDIT
PH 115 Technical Physics PHYS CORE PHYS WORLD CORE
PH 125 College Physics 1 PHYS 221 General Physics PHYS WORLD CORE
PH 126 College Physics II PHYS 222 General Physics PHYS WORLD CORE
PH 245 Calculus Physics I PHYS 133 Intro Modern Physics PHYS WORLD CORE
PH 246 Calculus Physics 2 PHYS 235 Intro Phys: Elect & Magn PHYS WORLD CORE
PL 201 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 153 Fund Questions in Phil PHILOSOPHY CORE
PL 202 Intro to Logic PHIL 171 Intro to Logic
PL 205 Intro to Ethics PHIL 205 Ethics
PL 206 Biomedical Ethics PHIL 212 Phil of Medical Ethics
PL 207 Contemp Moral Choices ELECTIVE CREDIT
PL 209 Business Ethics PHIL 215 Business Ethics
PL  212 Philosophy of  Religions ELECTIVE CREDIT
PO 101 Photography 1 ARTS 256 Intro Photography
PO 105 Hist of Photography as Art ARTS CORE ARTS CORE
PO 106 Digital Image Processing ARTS 316 Digital Photography
PO 220 View Cam: Larg Format ELECTIVE CREDIT
PO 230 Digital Image Proc Apps ELECTIVE CREDIT
PO 240 Studio Portrait Tech ELECTIVE CREDIT
PO 250 Studio Illustrative Tech ELECTIVE CREDIT
PO 252 Intro to TV Production CAS 190 Intro to Video Production
PS 110 Survey of Amer Govrnt POLS 101 Am Politics SOCIAL STRUCT CORE
PS 200 State & Local Politics POLS 202 State & Local Politics
PS 201 Comparative Govmnts ELECTIVE CREDIT
PS 202 International Relations POLS 207 Intro to Int'l Relations GLOBAL / HIST CORE
PS 215 Survey of Asian Politics POLS 277 Asian Politics GLOBAL / HIST CORE
PS 225 Politics of N Ireland ELECTIVE CREDIT
PS 245 Great Decisions ELECTIVE CREDIT
PY 201 General Psychology PSYC 151 Intro Psychology PERSONS IN COMMUNITY CORE
PY 203 Applied Psychology ELECTIVE CREDIT
PY 231 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 212 Psychopathology
PY 232 Developmental Psych PSYC 201 Develop Psyc:Lifespan
PY 233 Child Psychology PSYC 208 Develop Psyc: Child
PY 234 Adolescent Psychology PSYC 207 Develop Psyc: Adoles
PY 251 Educational Psychology EDUC 216 Educating Exceptional Children
PY 260 Social Psychology PSYC 310 Social Psychology
PY 263 Psychology of Learning ELECTIVE CREDIT
PY 281 Intro to Statistics PSYC 255 Statistics & Research MATH CORE
PY 281 Intro to Statistics SOC 255 Statistics & Research MATH CORE
PY 281 Intro to Statistics SOWK 255 Statistics & Research MATH CORE
SL 150 Orientation to Deafness ELECTIVE CREDIT
SL 155 Fingerspelling ELECTIVE CREDIT
SL 171 Amer Sign Lang 1 CAS 361 Amer Sign Lang 1
SL 172 Amer Sign Lang 2 CAS 362 Amer Sign Lang 2
SO 205 Social Work SOWK 240 Intro to Soc Wrk & Soc Wel
SO 251 Principles of Sociology SOC 151 Socio Princ & Persp SOCIAL STRUCT CORE
SO 254 Social Problems ELECTIVE CREDIT
SO 260 Race & Ethnicity SOC 250 Diversity & Inequal US PERSONS IN COMMUNITY CORE
SO 261 Growing Old in a New Age ELECTIVE CREDIT
SO 262 Aging in America ELECTIVE CREDIT
SO 263 Death and Dying ELECTIVE CREDIT
SO 265 Crime in Society SOC 210 Crime & Crim Justice SOCIAL STRUCT CORE
SO 270 Amer Families in Trans SOC 304 The Family
SP 101 Intro Spanish 1 SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish
SP 102 Intro Spanish 2 SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish
SP 141 Spanish for Health Care ELECTIVE CREDIT
SP 231 Interm Spanish 1 SPAN 201 Interm Spanish
SP 232 Interm Spanish 2 SPAN 202 Interm Spanish LANGUAGE CORE
SS 115 Problem-Solv Dynamics ELECTIVE CREDIT
SS 120 Intro to Study of Future ELECTIVE CREDIT
SS 220 Women & Men in Wk Pl ELECTIVE CREDIT
SW 102 Intro to Social  Welfare ELECTIVE CREDIT
SW 103 Soc Wrk Interv & Assess ELECTIVE CREDIT
SW 220 S Wrk w/ Individ, Couples ELECTIVE CREDIT
TH 114 Ballet1 PER 155 Ballet 1 PE2 CORE
TH 115 Jazz Dance1 PER 152 Jazz Dance 1 PE2 CORE
TH 116 Tap Dance 1 PER 151 Tap Dance 1 PE2 CORE
TH 214 Ballet 2 PER 165 Ballet 2 PE2 CORE
TH 215 Jazz Dance 2 PER 162 Jazz Dance 2 PE2 CORE
TH 235 Theatre-Improvisation ELECTIVE CREDIT
TH 239 Script Analysis ELECTIVE CREDIT
TH 245 Intro to Acting CAS 218 Principles of Acting
TH 247 Advanced Acting CAS 218 Principles of Acting
TH 248 Introduction to Theatre CAS 217 Principles of Theatre ARTS CORE
TH 255 Acting II: Classical Acting ELECTIVE CREDIT
WE 102 Volleyball PER 135 Volleyball 1 PE2 CORE
WE 104 Touch Football PER 136 Touch Football PE2 CORE
WE 105 Basketball PER 173 Basketball PE3 CORE
WE 124 Circuit Train & Phy Fitness PE CORE PE1 CORE
WE 125 Aerobic Conditioning PER 106 Aerobic Exercise PE1 CORE
WE 126 Walking for Fitness PER CORE PE1 CORE
WE 127 Yoga, Tone, Stretch PE CORE PE2 CORE
WE 128 Soccer PER 185 Soccer PE3 CORE
WE 129 Water aerobics PE CORE PE1 CORE
WE 130 Tennis PER 133 Tennis 1 PE2 CORE
WE 131 Badminton PER 131 Badminton 1 PE2 CORE
WE 132 Golf PER 132 Golf 1 PE2 CORE
WE 133 Cycling PER 103 Cycling PE1 CORE
WE 134 Body Tone / Sculpt PE CORE PE1 CORE
WE 140 Personal Defense PER 172 Self Defense PE3 CORE
WE 141 Begin Weight Train PER 107 Weight Training PE1 CORE
WE 142 Racquetball PER 134 Racquetball 1 PE2 CORE
WE 143 Water Polo PE CORE PE2 CORE
WE 144 Beginning Swimming PER 140 Swimming I PE2 CORE
WE 145 Interm Swimming PER 170 Swimming II PE3 CORE
WE 152 Bowling PER 137 Bowling PE2 CORE
WE 155 Intro to Free Weights PER 107 Weight Training PE1 CORE
WE 157 Elem Games & Rhyth PE CORE PE2 CORE
WE 165 Dynamics of fitness PE CORE PE1 CORE
WE 166 Ind Aerobic Condition PE CORE PE1 CORE
WE 192 Camping & Canoeing PER 138 Wilderness Pursuits PE2 CORE
WST 200 Intro to Women's Studies ELECTIVE CREDIT



You can contact the Transfer Evaluator by e-mail or phone: 616-526-6556