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Transfer Information: Course Equivalencies

College of Dupage - Calvin course equivalency guide

Contact the Transfer Advisor for more information about Calvin course equivalencies. This table shows selected course equivalences. Courses not listed here may also transfer.

College of Dupage Calvin Equivalent
A&P 1551 Anatomy & Physiology BIOL 205 Human Anatomy
A&P 1552 Anatomy & Physiology BIOL 206 Human Physiology
ACC 1150 Managerial Accounting BUS 203 Intro to Managerial Acct
ANTHRO 1100 Cultural Anthropology SOC 153 Intro to Cultural Anthro Global/Hist core
ANTHRO 1120 Discovering Archaeology IDIS 240 Intro to Archaeology
ART 1100 Intro to the Visual Arts ARTS CORE Arts Core
ART 2211 Art Hist. I: to 1300 ARTH 101 Intro to the History of Art I Arts Core
ART 2212 Art Hist. II: 1300-1750 ARTH 102 Intro to the History of Art II Arts Core
ART 2213 Art Hist. III: 1750-present ARTH 239 Modernism & the Arts Arts Core
ART 2214 Art Hist.: Non-Western Art ARTS CORE Arts Core
BIOL 1100 Survey of Biology BIOL 111 Biological Science Living World core*
BIOL 1151 Principles of Biological Science BIOL CORE Living World core*
BIOL 1152 Principles of Biological Science BIOL CORE Living World core*
BUSIN 1100 Intro to Business BUS 160 Intro to Business & Organization Mgt
CHEM 1105 Contemporary Chemistry CHEM 101 The Molecular World Physical World core*
CHEM 1211 General Chemistry CHEM 101 The Molecular World Physical World core*
CHEM 1551 Principles of Chemistry I CHEM 103 General Chemistry I Physical World core*
CHEM 1552 Principles of Chemistry II CHEM 104 General Chemistry II
CHIN 1101 Elem Chinese I CHIN 101 Elem Chinese
CHIN 1102 Elem Chinese II CHIN 102 Elem Chinese
CHIN 2201 Intermediate Chinese I CHIN 201 Interm Chinese
CHIN 2202 Interm Chinese II CHIN 202 Interm Chinese Foreign Lang core
CIS 1150 Into to Computer Information Systems IDIS 110 Foundation/ Info Technology Info Technology core
CJ 1100 Intro to Criminal Justice SOC 210 Criminal Justice System
EARSCI 1101 Phys Geology of Earth's Interior GEOL 151 Intro to Geology Physical World core*
EARSCI 1102 Phys Geology of Earth's Surface GEOL 151 Intro to Geology Physical World core*
EARSCI 1110 Intro to Meteorology GEOG 191 Intro to Meteorology Physical World core*
EARSCI 1122 Astronomy: Solar System ASTR 111 The Solar System Physical World core*
EARSCI 1124 Astronomy: Stars & Galaxies ASTR 112 Stars, Galaxies, & Universe Physical World core*
ECON 2201 Macroeconomics & the Global Economy ECON 222 Prin of Macroeconomics
ECON 2202 Microeconomics & the Global Economy ECON 221 Prin of Microeconomics Societal core
ENGL 1101/2 Composition I & II (both needed) ENGL 101 Written Rhetoric Written Rhetoric core
ENGL 1130 Intro to Literature ENGL 205 Understanding Literature Literature core
ENGL 1135 Intro to Film Art CAS 251 Intro to Cinema
ENGL 1157 Children's Literature ENGL 325 Children's Literature
ENGL 1159 Greek Mythology CLAS 231 Classical Mythology Arts core
ENGL 2220 British Lit to 1800 ENGL 215 Survey of British Literature I Literature core
ENGL 2221 British Lit from 1800-present ENGL 216 Survey of British Literature II Literature core
ENGL 2223 Amer Lit-- Colonial -- Civil War ENGL 217 Survey of American Literature I Literature core
ENGL 2224 Amer Lit--Civil War -- present ENGL 218 Survey of American Literature II Literature core
ENGL 2226 Masterpieces of World Lit ENGL 210 World Literature I Literature core
ENGL 2227 Modern European Lit LIT CORE Literature core
ENGL 2228 Shakespeare ENGL 346 Shakespeare
FREN 1101 Elem French I FREN 101 Elem French I
FREN 1102 Elem French II FREN 102 Elem French II
FREN 2201 Interm French I FREN 201 Interm French I
FREN 2202 Interm French II FREN 202 Interm French II Foreign Lang core
GEOG 1100 World Reg Geog: Western Wrld GLOBAL/HIST Global/Hist core
GEOG 1200 World Reg Geog: Eastern Wrld GLOBAL/HIST Global/Hist core
GERM 1101 Elem German I GERM 101 Elem German
GERM 1102 Elem German II GERM 102 Elem German
GERM 2201 Interm German I GERM 201 Interm German
GERM 2202 Interm German II GERM 202 Interm German Foreign Lang core
HIST 1130 U.S. Hist. to 1865 HIST 251 Colonial American 1500-1763
HIST 1140 U.S. Hist. since 1865 HIST 253 Industrial America 1877-1945
HIST 2205 East Asian Civilization HIST 246 East Asia since 1800 Global/Hist core
HIST 2240 Hist. & Culture  Latin America HIST 238 Latin American Hist. Global/Hist core
HIST 2260 U S since 1945 HIST 254 Recent America 1945 - Present
HUM 1101 Intro to Humanities I: the Arts ARTS CORE Arts Core
HUM 1105 Non-Western Humanities GLOBAL/HIST Global/Hist core
HUM 1110 The Arts & Cultural Diversity GLOBAL/HIST Global/Hist core
ITAL 1101 Elem Italian I N/A
ITAL 1102 Elem Italian II N/A
ITAL 2201 Interm Italian I N/A
ITAL 2202 Interm Italian II N/A Foreign Lang core
JAPN 1101 Elem Japanese I JAPN 101 Elem Japanese
JAPN 1102 Elem Japanese II JAPN 102 Elem Japanese
JAPN 2201 Interm Japanese I JAPN 201 Interm Japanese
JAPN 2202 Interm Japanese II JAPN 202 Interm Japanese Foreign Lang core
KOR 1101 Elem Korean I N/A
KOR 1102 Elem Korean II N/A
KOR 2201 Interm Korean I N/A
KOR 2202 Interm Korean II N/A Foreign Lang core
MATH 1218 General Education Math MATH 100 Math. in Contemp World Math core
MATH 1428 College Algebra/ application ELECTIVE ONLY
MATH 1533 Finite Math MATH Math core
MATH 1635 Statistics MATH 143 Intro to Probability & Stats Math core
MATH 2134 Calc for Bus & Social Sciences MATH 132 Calc for Mgt, Life,& Soc Sci
MATH 2231 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I MATH 161 Calculus I Math core
MATH 2245 & 2270 Linear Algebra & Differential Equations MATH 231 Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
MICRO 1420 Microbiology BIOL 207 Medical Microbiology
MPTV 1113 Film/Video Production Hist. ARTS Arts Core
MUS 1100 Music Appreciation MUSC 103 Understanding & Enjoying Music Arts Core
MUS 1104 Intro to American Music MUSC 106 American Music Arts Core
MUS 1105 Music Literature MUSC 105 Intro to Music Arts Core
MUS 1115 Intro to World Music MUSC 107 World Music Arts Core
PHIL 1100 Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 153 Fund Questions in Phil Philosophy core
PHIL 1110 Ethics PHIL 205 Ethics
PHIL 1120 Logic PHIL 171 Intro to Logic
PHIL 1145 Philosophy of Religion PHIL 204 God & Philosophy
PHIL 1150 World Religions REL 351 World Religions
PHOTO 1100 Fund of Photography ARTS 256 Intro to Photography
PHYS 1100 Physics PHYS 110 Physical Science Physical World core*
PHYS 1201 & 1202 General Physics I & II PHYS 221 General Physics Physical World core*
PHYS ED General Activity Courses HEALTH/FIT Health/Fitness core
PHYS ED 2244 Life Guard Training PE 191 Lifeguard Training
PHYS ED 2254 First Aid & CPR HE 203 First Aid & Emergency Care
POL SCI 1101 American Politics POLS 101 American Politics Societal core
POL SCI 2221 Politics of the Middle East GLOBAL/HIST Global/Hist core
PSYC 1100 General Psychology PSYC 151 Intro Psychology Persons in Comm core
PSYC 2230 Developmental Psychology: Childhood PSYC 204 Developmental Psyc: Child
PSYC 2233 Develop Psychology: Adolescence PSYC 207 Develop Psyc: Adolescent
PSYC 2237 Develop Psychology: Life-Span PSYC 201 Develop Psyc: Lifespan
PSYC 2240 Social Psychology PSYC 310 Social Psychology
PSYC 2260 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 212 Psychopathology
SOCI 1100 Intro to Sociology SOC 151 Sociological Prin & Perspect Societal core
SOCI 2200 Intro to Research Methods SOC 320 Social Research
SPAN 1101 Elem Spanish I SPAN 101 Elem Spanish
SPAN 1102 Elem Spanish II SPAN 102 Elem Spanish
SPAN 2201 Interm Spanish I SPAN 201 Interm Spanish
SPAN 2202 Interm Spanish II SPAN 202 Interm Spanish Foreign Lang core
SPEE 1100 Fundamentals of Speech CAS 101 Oral Rhetoric Rhetoric & Culture
SPEE 1110 Oral Interpretation CAS 101 Oral Rhetoric Rhetoric & Culture
THEA 1100 Theater Appreciation ARTS CORE   Arts Core



You can contact the Transfer Evaluator by e-mail or phone: 616-526-6556