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Registration: Times

Schedule for fall 2015 courses

Degree Seeking Students

You may complete your registration for the fall 2015 terms by using the portal according to the schedule below. If you need assistance, please feel free to stop by our Spoelhof Center office for help on or after your scheduled registration time. Skipping classes to register is not necessary or encouraged.

Graduate Registration Begins
M.Ed, M.A., & Endorsement Programs portal April 27
Undergraduate Registration Begins
89 or more semester hours portal April 29
58-88 semester hours portal April 30
27-57 semester hours portal May 1
0-26 semester hours portal May 5, 6, & 7

Non-degree-seeking students

Please register by contacting or visiting our Spoelhof Center office on or after the dates noted below.

Categories Registration Begins
Post-Baccalaureate April 27
Guests and Non-Degree Seeking May 4
Dually-Enrolled (High School) May 11

Registration begins...

On March 1 for summer 2015.

On April 28 for fall 2015.

On November 2 for interim and spring 2016.

More registration information