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Registration: Interim

Interim 2013


KIN W10 Amazing Race: Learning to Race, Racing to Learn. Competition is a fact of life, and it's everywhere you look: in athletics, business, academics … politics. We compete institutionally, interpersonally, and intrapersonally. Competition is innate and as old as human history and starts as early as birth. The stories of Cain and Abel, and Joseph, in the Old Testament show powerful competitive forces inside families. In the New Testament, Jesus' parables about human competition teach more important, subtle, startling truths. Competition can be healthy or unhealthy, evoke our best or worst—it can build or destroy. But God calls us into life and competition, and He wants us to use it to accomplish His purposes. This interim will provide opportunity to not only discuss the multi-facets of competition but also experience the healthy and unhealthy dimensions of competition. The races or competitions the students will participate in will be the laboratory for the study of competition. Students will experience this competition by visiting five US cities (San Antonia, Denver, San Diego, LA, Phoenix) and competing in an adventure race modeled after the reality TV show, The Amazing Race. When not competing, students will learn about the healthy and unhealthy elements to competition, how competition fits into our lives as Christians and as Christians how we can strive to keep competition healthy and good. Students will also be challenged to further develop life skills such as teamwork, healthy competition, and conflict-resolution. Evaluation is based on a daily journal, active participation in course activities, critique of journal articles about competition from a Christian perspective and a written examination. Course dates: January 5 - 23. Fee: $2250. B. Bolt, A. Warners. Off campus.

KIN W11 Sport Nutrition. Proper nutrition is a key ingredient for success in competitive athletic performance. The goal of the Sport Nutrition course is to investigate the types, amounts, and timing of food and fluid intake, as well as the fact and fiction surrounding nutritional supplements. Specifically, students will study the types of foods necessary before and during exercise, as well as the recommended food/nutrient intake for optimal recovery following exercise. Differentiation between eating on practice vs. competition days will be made, as well as performance eating during all-day events and when traveling for competition. Students will learn the basics about analyzing food and training plans for strength, power, and endurance sports for men and women. The course will also cover the incidence of body dysmorphias (disordered eating, female athlete triad, Adonis complex), as well as strategies for weight gain. The course will combine a variety of lecture, diet analysis, hands-on cooking in the Nutrition classroom, and group discussions and diet plans. The cooking activities are designed to teach athletes how to eat lower on the food chain while still getting adequate protein, how to incorporate more carbohydrates into a meal, how to make healthy snacks, and ideas for quick, affordable, yet nutritious meals at the end of a day when practice necessitates a late arrival home. Each student will complete a project that entails the development of a booklet of nutritional guidelines for athletes by sport and gender. Evaluation methods include quizzes, a final exam, and the project. Fee: $30. J. Walton. 8:30 a.m. to noon.

KIN W40 Medical Terminology. This course will include the study of basic medical word structure, organization of the body, word parts (roots, suffixes, prefixes), medical specialties, and case reports. This course fulfills the prerequisite for pre-physical therapy, pre-occupational therapy, and Physician’s Assistant graduate programs. The course will include daily chapter quizzes, practice reading and writing medical records, and a comprehensive final exam. N. Meyer. 8:30 a.m. to noon.

IDIS W13 Grand Canyon Outdoor Educator. Course dates: January 4 -23. Fee: $2755. K. Heys, R. Rooks. Off campus.

IDIS W20 Dancing the Elementary Curriculum. E. Van't Hof. 8:30 a.m. to noon.

IDIS W27 Spiritual Strength Training.  J. Kraak, N. Van Noord. 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

PER Activities Courses (1 semester hour)

124A Swim I.S. DeKleine. 10:30-11:20 (MWF)
137A  Bowling. #+ J. Sparks.  10:30-12:20 (TTH)
137B  Bowling.  #+ J. Sparks.  1:00-3:00 (TTH)
165A  Ballet IIJ. Genson.  12:30-2:15  (TTH)
174A  Volleyball ID. Bakker  10:30-12:20  (TTH)
176A  Cooperative World GamesS. DeKleine.  1:30-2:15 (MWF)
180A  Badminton ID. Bakker.  10:30-11:45 (MWF)
181A  Badminton IIJ. Kim.  8:35-9:50 (MWF)
182A  Tennis IJ. Kim.  10:30-12:20 (TTH)

# Fee required. 
+ Class will meet off-campus.