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Registration: Interim

Interim 2011


PE 223 Movement and Health Education in the Elementary Classroom.  The course provides working knowledge of the fundamentals of health and physical education, emphasizing aspects that can be integrated into the elementary classroom.  Particular attention is given to the rationale, curriculum, resource materials, and learning activities most important to elementary students.  An overarching theme within the course is to examine God’s gifts of human movement and health and a Christian response to these gifts.  The course is required for all elementary education students and will substitute for the physical education core requirement in the category of Sport, Dance and Society.  S. DeKeine. 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

RECR 308 Recreration Program & Facitlity Management. This course will review the principles and procedures related to the operation and care of private and public recreation resource areas and facilities.  Topics will include establishment of legal authority for operations, developing policies and guidelines, interagency coordination and/or competition, safety and security, and systems evaluation. The course  is intended to introduce students to a variety of recreational facilities, requiring them to examine the virtue of stewardship within the context of facility management and budgeting. Part of this will include the planning, design, and development process of new recreational facilities. Within this students will also gain an understanding of how program development is an outgrowth of facility development. The course will also examine various forms of financing new recreation facilities in the public, nonprofit, and commercial sectors. Students will also explore the many facets of managing recreation facilities including marketing, scheduling, staffing, and risk management. Finally students will be given opportunities to effectively utilize a wide range of communication tools including written and audio visual to plan, manage and evaluate recreation facilities.  Methods of evaluation will include reflection papers, final project/exam and participation/attendance. Prerequisite: RECR 305 or permission of instructor.  J. TeBrake.  8:30 a.m. to noon.

IDIS W11 Be Fit for Life: Bike AustraliaR. Blankespoor, L. Louters, N. Meyer.

IDIS W12 Grand Canyon Outdoor EducatorA. Bailey, R. Rooks.

IDIS W17 The Adventure Travel RaceC. Blankespoor.  A. Warners.

IDIS W21 An Inside Look at the January SeriesR. Hondered, K. Saupe.

IDIS W23 Dancing the Elementary CurriculumE. Van’t Hof.

IDIS W28 Spiritual Strength TrainingJ. Kraak, N. Van Noord.

IDIS W29 Sports in Film & FictionB. Bolt, J. Timmer.

PER Activities Courses (1 semester hour)

137A   Bowling. #+  J. Sparks.  8:35-9:50 (MWF)
137B   Bowling. #+  J. Sparks.  10:30-11:45 (MWF)
141A   Rock ClimbingD. Koning.  3:30-4:45 (MWF)
155A   Ballet I. J. Genson.  12:30-3:00 (MTW)
173A   BasketballJ. Sparks.  10:30-noon (TTH)
174A   Volleyball IJ. Bergsma.  10:30-11:45 (MWF)
174B   Volleyball ID. Bakker.  2:00-3:15 (MWF)
180A   Badminton IJ. Bergsma.  8:35-9:50 (MWF)
180A   Badminton IJ. Bergsma.  1:30-2:45 (MWF)

# Fee required.  Pick up information sheet in PE office.
+ Class will meet off-campus.