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Interim 2011

Computer Science

W80 Penetration Testing.  This course is an introduction to the basics of how information security professionals test the security of a network and its computers. The student will gain insight into the field of penetration testing which will expand his or her awareness for the need of real world security solutions. The student will learn to implement various reconnaissance techniques. The student will learn to implement and identify various methods used to attack networks and assorted techniques use to exploit weaknesses. Because certain aspects of penetration testing can be dangerous to live systems and networks, students will use a secure lab for much of the course. During the course, the students will become competent with the Backtrack live CD. They will also be introduced to Bash Scripting and Python Scripting. This course may fulfill an  elective in the Computer Science and Information Systems majors.  Prerequisite: CS262 or permission of instructor.  E. Fife.  2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

104 Applied C++.  This course provides an introduction to problem solving and program design for engineers and scientists.  Examples and homework exercises and projects will focus on building C++ applications that solve problems in these areas. Topics covered will include: problem solving strategies, program design and software engineering; types of data, how they are represented in memory, basic operations; input and output; control structures; functions, parameter passing, libraries; using classes and objects (including the use of templates); file I/O; arrays and vectors; building classes.  Students will also develop and execute programs in C++ for assigned projects that use the techniques and tools being studied. Evaluation will be based on lab exercises, projects and tests. Prerequisite: MATH 132 or 161.  Open to all students who meet the prerequisites but priority will go to Engineering students participating in the Spring Netherlands program. L. Nyhoff.  8:30 a.m. to noon.

IDIS W26 LifeHacking: Practicing Smart Living. C. Essenburg, V. Norman.

IDIS W65 Flash Animations, Apps & GamesJ. Nyhoff.