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Interim 2011


W10 Sight, Sound, & Smell.  Our senses provide more than simply a means of interacting with the world. They can inspire joy, provide warning of danger, and stir up old memories, or they can mislead us as with optical illusions. This course uses a hands-on approach to explore the ranges and limits of our senses. Through daily activities such as making and tasting salsas with a collection of spices, simulating multiple forms of color blindness,  comparing the range of sounds that are perceived, tasting food without the benefit of smell or sight, and observing aromas used in sales and marketing, students learn to fully engage their senses.  Students also gain an appreciation of the current chemical and biochemical understanding of their senses. Evaluation is based on class participation, daily journals, brief written assignments, and a final group project. This course assumes no prior knowledge of chemistry or biochemistry.  E. Arnoys, K. Sinniah.  2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

271 Environmental Chemistry.  A study of the chemistry of the atmosphere, natural waters, and soils.  This course covers environmental chemistry as it relates to human activity.  Topics include acid precipitation, greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, air, water, and soil pollution, solid and hazardous waste disposal, bioremediation, and risk assessment.  The course places environmental issues within the context of a Christian view of man and nature.  In addition to classroom presentations, the class work includes field trips to various sites; eg. a water purification system, a waste water treatment plant, a waste-to-energy facility, or a recycling center.  Evaluation will be based upon a combination of class participation, homework, and examinations.  Prerequisite:  Chemistry 253 or Chemistry 261.  D. McCarthy.  8:30 a.m. to noon.

IDIS W10 Adventure in the Waters of PanamaJ. Britton, D. VanderGriend, J. Witte.

IDIS W11 Be Fit for Life: Bike AustraliaR. Blankespoor, L. Louters, N. Meyer.