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Interim 2009


BIOL W10 Exploring Public Health. This course will introduce students to the broad and exciting field of public health.  Students will explore the development and societal needs for public health and be introduced to its core disciplines.  Course topics will include infectious diseases, health risk factors, environment and food safety, local/global threats to public health, bioterrorism, and monitoring for emerging diseases and potential epidemics.  Guest speakers and field trips will demonstrate the work and challenges of local public health professionals and provide insight into career options.  Students will be evaluated by one exam, two independent activities, and class participation. This course may fulfill an elective in the International Development Studies major. D. De Heer, A. Hoogerwerf.  8:30 to noon.

BIOL W60 Clinical Neuroanatomy. This course will attempt to link basic neural structure and function with neurological disorders.  A concept of the three-dimensional structure of the brain and spinal cord will be formed by studying the gross features of the intact human brain and spinal cord and progressing towards a greater macroscopic differentiation of structure by using representations of human material.  The microscopic anatomy of the human brain and spinal cord will be studied by using prepared slides.  The course will include morning lectures and discussions with some additional time required in the afternoon to complete independent projects.  Field trips to examine case studies will be included.  An assigned text will be augmented with prepared handouts.  A comprehensive final exam will include a class project. Evaluation is based on two tests and a comprehensive final exam.  Prerequisites: BIOL 242 and permission of instructor.  P. Tigchelaar. 8:30 to noon.

IDIS W12 Christianity & the Scottish Enlightenment. S. Matheson.

IDIS W15 Harnessing the Wind: Learn to Sail. J. Ubels, S. Vander Linde.

IDIS W16 Celebrating Sexuality. C. Blankespoor.

IDIS W25 Silent Spring & Stolen Future. K. Grasman.

IDIS W31 WILDFIRE: A Natural and Cultural History. R. Van Dragt, D. Warners.

IDIS W33 Chinese Medicine and Chinese Culture. A. Shen.

IDIS W44 Hawaiian Farms & Food Systems. D. Koetje, H. Quemada.