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Interim 2008


W40 Liturgical Instrumental Music. A combined performance preparation and historical study of instrumental music written specifically for the liturgical context. Designed for student orchestral and keyboard (piano/organ) performers, but open to non-performers as well, this course will examine the historical contexts, liturgical traditions, composers and application of instrumental music written for Christian worship from ancient to modern times. Students will develop an understanding of the history of instrumental music used in worship and the skills to apply what they learn in a live worship context. Class sessions will be equally divided into lecture and instrumental rehearsal. Student performers will be organized into ensembles to prepare specific works for performance in worship services. Non-performers will participate in liturgy research and preparation working on specific projects for presentation relating to use of musical instruments in the worship context. This course may fulfill an elective requirement in the Music major. Prerequisite: i) solid high school level performance level on orchestral instrument or keyboard (piano/organ), or ii) participation in a Calvin instrumental ensemble or iii) permission of the instructor. R. Nordling. 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

W41 Music Theory Fundamentals. This course introduces the student to the rudiments of music theory: rhythm, scales, key signatures, intervals, melody, chords and tonality. These rudiments are learned by extensive drill, both in and out of class, for the purpose of developing an understanding of and facility in using the fundamental building blocks of tonal music. Drill includes singing, playing at the keyboard, analyzing, writing musical notation, ear training, and computer lab drill. Progress is evaluated by daily recitations, daily written assignments, music lab practice sessions, quizzes and a final examination. Class size is limited with priority given to those requiring the course for their program of study. Prerequisite: ability to read notation in either the treble or bass clef. J. Varineau. 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.