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Interim 2008


W81 European Influence on U.S. Business. Managers who operate within international markets must understand how such global aspects of business influence business operation, policies, and procedures, even a the local level. This course teaches students how the European environment influences business strategies and decision-making in US businesses. The class spends nearly three weeks traveling in Europe, visiting business organizations that operate in the international arena. Since history and culture influence business strategy, students visit well-known sites in Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In preparation for the course, students do some reflective reading and visit local companies. While in Europe, they keep a substantial, reflective journal which incorporates material from required readings, participate in class discussions, and prepare a descriptive paper on companies or locations to be visited. This course will satisfy a department elective for department majors. This course will fulfill the CCE core requirement. Prerequisites: Business 160 and Economics 222, or instructor approval. Fee: $3,800. R. Medema, E. Van Der Heide. Off campus.

W82 Global Markets and Culture in New York. Global financial markets affect life throughout the world. Christians can understand how these markets can fail in a fallen world or be used for global redemption. Students in this course travel to New York City to experience the cross-cultural melting pot of people and ideas as well as to learn about world financial markets directly from individuals involved in international finance. This course features one week on campus and two weeks in New York City. Learning is facilitated via a combination of readings, discussions, visits to firms involved in finance, participation in cross-cultural activities (including through finance, theater, music and others), daily journals and a reflective essay. Evaluation is based on quality of participation in meetings and discussions and on the reflective essay. This course may fulfill an elective requirement in the Business and Economics majors.This course will fulfill the CCE core requirement. Prerequisites: BUS 204 and ECON 222, or permission of instructor. Fee: $1,975. D. Pruis, L. Van Drunen. Off campus.

W84 International Financial Management. Dealing with flows of money internationally is more and more commonplace for even small companies these days. This course will focus on managing business decisions related to transactions, investment, capital budgeting, long-range financing, and risk in the international arena. The course begins by looking at the international financial environment and then covers topics in exchange rate behavior and risk management, and both long-term and short-term asset and liability management. Students will work in teams to complete projects related to instructor presentations and present their team’s work to the class. A textbook will be required for the course. Students will be assessed on the basis of a final, open book exam. This course may fulfill an elective requirement in the Business and Economics majors. Prerequisites: Econ 151 or 221, and Bus 203, or permission of the instructor. Y. Starreveld. 8:30 a.m. to noon.