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Registration: Interim

Interim info

Registration Times

Each January, Calvin offers a variety of both on-campus and off-campus interim experiences. If you are planning to take an on campus course, plan to register for it at your assigned registration time. Registration for off campus interim courses will happen automatically, once you have applied, have been accepted by the instructor, and submit the requested deposit. While the deadline for application and deposit is generally set for early October, the list of off-campus interim options should be available by mid-April.

Interim catalogs and course descriptions

Interim 2017

Interim 2016

Interim 2015

Interim 2014

Interim 2013

Interim 2012

Interim 2011

Interim 2010

Interim 2009

Interim 2008

Interim 2007

Interim 2006

For Faculty

Are you planning to propose a future interim course? More information is available on the Interim Term Committee Web site.

Did You Know?

When established, the original objective of the interim term was " provide time and opportunity in the curriculum and calendar for the student and staff to study topics which ordinarily would not be pursued in the regular semester, or to attempt a new approach to a certain topic".

From Chapter 6 pdf of Calvin's 1970 curriculum study committee report, entitled Christian Liberal Arts Education (CLAE).